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Munich Dec. 2022 Reviews

We just got back last week from a trip that included Munich. Here are a few reviews from our time there.

We stayed at the Hotel Lux for the first 3 nights. It is a very central hotel between Marienplatz and Hofbrauhaus. We absolutely loved this hotel! We arrived around 11am and our room was not ready, but they were very nice and stored our luggage for us. We had a triple room on the 4th. floor (5th floor to Americans). There is no elevator here, so be warned. The wooden spiral staircase is absolutely gorgeous though and there are landings even between floors so if you need to rest you can. The staircase is wide enough for people to go up and down, so you will not hold anyone up if you stop. They did provide earplugs, but we wondered why as there was minimal outside noise. The bathroom was small, but clean and well kept. There was plenty of room for our luggage, including room to hang coats as well as clothing. Free bottled water was in the room as well. We paid 550 euro fore the triple room for 3 nights. Breakfast was an additional 12,90 euro per person each morning and well worth it! The breakfast was made to order and we had big bowl of scrambled eggs with bacon, croissants and jam, rolls, oj, and cappuccinos. The croissants were excellent and were actually better than any I have ever had in numerous trips to Paris, believe it or not! The breakfast room is also the bar/restaurant. We did not eat any dinners here, but did stop by for a drink each night. Their cocktail menu is extensive and it was hard to choose just one. They were all very good, and right around 10-15 euro each. We loved the ambiance here, both for at breakfast as well as in the evening, FWIW.

One evening we had dinner at Augustiner Stamm as we had a great meal there on a prior trip. We were disappointed this time. We had a reservation, yet when we walked in we were not greeted, and we were a bit unsure of just what to do. So we went in a bit further and finally asked someone. It was very awkward, but they finally sat us at our table. The other servers. looked great, but we are pretty sure ours hated his job. We ordered three dunkels, the half duck and the spaetzl all to share. The duck was way over cooked and the spaetzel was just barely passable. It was very difficult to get out waiters attention to get the check, to the point where it became quite comical and we were placing bets. We paid 52 euro total for dinner.

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Lunch on our first day was. at Augustiner am Platzl, just around the corner from our hotel. We had the best spaetzel here! We had 3 beers, the spaetzel, a schnitzel and something else that I cannot remember and paid 62 euro. The food was very good here as was service and ambiance.

Dinner that night was simply a shared pretzel and spaetzel as well as beer at Hofbrauhaus. The spaetzel was the worst of the entire trip, and was left uneaten after one bite each.

Lunch another day was at Zum Franziskaner, next to the Longchamp store. We had two orders of spaetzel and a small portion of meatloaf (ham) and potatoes plus several beers and a coke. The spaetzel came with small salads which were good. All of this was very good, but we were not very hungry so did not eat much of it. We paid 74 euro for this, which seemed a bit steep, but it was good.

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Thanks for your trip report mikliz97. I've bookmarked for reference in June.

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Our last dinner on this portion of the trip was at a stall at the Haidhauser Christmas Market. The curry wurst was very good! we also had brats on a round bun, which was harder to eat, but still very good. Of course these were just a few euro each, probably 6 or 7.

When we returned to Munich, we stayed one night at the Hotel am Viktualienmart which is a block or so from the market. We had stayed there before on a prior trip so knew it would work for us. We had a triple room, and paid $222 US dollars. This included a breakfast buffet which was pretty standard. Our room was ready within about 10 minutes of us arriving, so we just waited. The room was a triple again, and was very spacious. The bathroom was clean and well kept, no complaints at all. We did open the windows yet again to cool the room off a bit and just get some fresh air.

Dinner that night was across from the Viktualientmarkt at Der Pschorr. We could not decide what we wanted and were hungry, so we got an assortment to share. We had the duck which came with a light sauce, the goulash which was not in soup form but very good, a schnitzel, and a goat cheese salad. Potatoes came with a couple of the dishes of course as well as red cabbage. Everything was very good, but we realized our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We tried though, lol. Our tab here was 109 euro which included a couple beers for each of us.

Our last night was at the Ibis in Erding near the airport. We paid 108 euro for two rooms here. The rooms were identical. Spacious, very clean, etc and very comfy. The only drawback here is that we had to leave at 4am so of course left before the included breakfast was up and running. There isn't anything near this hotel, just McDonalds/Burger King and TK Maxx. The hotel itself was great, but next time I would stay in the center of Erding as there would be at least things to walk around and see. The hotel was excellent though and you can't beat the price! They did arrange a taxi for us in the morning that showed up right on time.

All in all, no complaints except the Augustiner Stamm which was a disappointment. All of our hotels were excellent and it was nice to have real beds for 3 people instead of a pull out couch etc.

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we are traveling in June, staying for 3 nights in Munich. I took notes on your post. Thank you.

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My first trip to Munich was 52 years ago. I was over there going to Summer School in Innsbruck.

That was back when the Hofbrauhaus was a little more friendly than it is today. We sat with a bunch of locals, locked elbows and rocked to the OomPah music. Now the band plays a couple of songs and takes a long smoke break.

It's been awhile since we've been back to the city as we're trying to finish visiting all the other great cities of Europe--4-5 times each.

We also love visiting Vienna as it's a very high class, cosmopolitan city with great history. I have great memories of nights in the Vienna Woods drinking too much wine and having a great time. Vienna's a great stopping off point if you're traveling north to Prague or south to Bratislava and Budapest.

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AMann--Yes, we had some great hotels and they were so reasonably priced. That isn't always easy with a triple!

Tammy and Cathy--I hope some of this helps for your planning:)

David--I have been itching to go to Vienna. My grandparents and aunt lived there for a while so that my aunt (a paraplegic) could get her masters in German there.

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It has been a few years (2018) since I was at Augustiner, always took a seat on the ground floor, Erdgeschoß.

My first time in Munich at the end of August 1971 saw the first visit to Augustiner as I was exploring the Marienplatz area, walked in solo during lunch, didn't wait to be seated, took a seat amidst a crowded table. The place was crowded as expected. Since Munich is on the projected itinerary for next summer's trip, I'll make it point to go back