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Munich Airport Hilton review

I just stayed at the Munich Airport Hilton and wanted to share my experience since it’s quite likely many of you will consider staying there. Unless it was on the runway it couldn’t be any closer to the airport terminals, it is a literal 30 second walk. And it’s also right outside the S Bahn station which runs between the airport and downtown Munich so that’s easy peasy as well.

The hotel has an unusual layout, which as my wife cleverly noted was because it’s at an airport so it can’t build up. So it is built long, as in L-O-N-G. The lobby is long, the walk to the elevator banks to get to your room is long, the walk down the corridor to your room is long. This isn’t a criticism, just to let you know what you’re in for. You will do a lot of walking inside the hotel, you’re not going to just pop down to the front desk for something. There is a Hilton club but oddly it’s in the basement. And there is a health club/spa but oddly that is at the bottom of a different elevator bank. So it will take you a while to get oriented.

The lobby as noted is long with a very high ceiling, there is a large bar and a lot of seating. When we were there they were setting up for some kind of live television broadcast, so there is that kind of room. There is one restaurant that does a really good buffet in the morning and then a sitdown menu at night, it’s not cheap but it’s not overpriced. It was one of our better meals on our trip. Your room rate may or may not include the breakfast, it’s pretty hard to tell these days. I’m a Hilton Gold member so I think I was supposed to get free breakfast but was too busy to follow through on that. Speaking of which, if you’re an Honors member there is a separate line for checkin and checkout.

As for the room, it’s sleek and modern. Which is good and bad, it’s nice to look at but it doesn’t function so well. All the light switches are electronic touch panels (and there are many), and each one works a different set of lights. Or sometimes it works lights you’re not expecting. There are about 300 different permutations of how you can set all the various lights in the room and in the bathroom. One thing you cannot do is make the room very bright so you can pack for an early morning flight, the lighting will always be very moody and directional. Trying to get the lights as we wanted them became a running gag. The bathroom is large and functional, with a full size tub and a stall shower across from it. Which like most European showers has no sill under the door so water just gushes everywhere; order extra towels and make a dam if you’re concerned.

Our room overlooked the airport which I enjoyed, there is a definite ebb and flow to their flights and when there was a huge mob of taxis lined up to enter the arrivals area, you knew the fun was about to start. The room and the hotel are very solid and quiet and you can make the room very dark which is good. Closet space is borderline acceptable. The new thing now is no alarm clock, but I guess all the cool kids use their phones for that.

Yes I would stay there again, you just can’t beat the location.

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We stayed there on our arrival night in June. It was super easy for our needs: a good night’s rest after a very long travel day. The one weird thing: our shower started running in the middle of the night for a few seconds, all on its own.

We had dinner at the beer garden in the airport’s courtyard. We did not have breakfast at the hotel (35€ each on a Sunday!). Instead we grabbed pastries at the bakery in the airport. The airport also has a grocery store with fresh squeezed orange juice. Delicious!

When researching hotels in the area, I found that NONE offer shuttle service. And there is only one other hotel nearby (a long walk). You can take a taxi (about 20€ each way) to the hotel. We were picking up a rental car the next morning, so we would have had to spend 40€+ going back and forth, plus worry about where to have dinner. The airport hotel was the perfect solution.

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A great, low cost alternative to an airport hotel is the Hotel Gasthof Maisberger. It is located directly to next to the s1 line only one or two stops from the airport. Maybe 10 minutes away. No shuttle or expensive taxi needed. Rooms large, reasonably priced, and a great restaurant.

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Yes, the airport has an excellent grocery store which is nicer than anything I've seen at home! I guess employees must shop there as well. And a full assortment of shops and dining options that you don't need to pass through security to use.

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Thanks for the review, this sounds like a great option whilst in transit thru Munich. In contrast to your excellent experience, we had to last minute layover in Munich this fall and caught a very early flight out the next morning. I was in a hurry to book and did so first impression at the Marriott "Airport" Hotel. Cause we wanted to be at the airport. We landed around 9:30 PM and exited baggage looking for the shuttle. Well, surprise, the Airport Marriott is like 20 minutes by car away and whether you can catch their shuttle or a cab there is a charge. If I had more time to shop I might have picked up on it before I booked(my bad) but I'm still amazed they advertise and label as an airport hotel. Totally not ...unless you argue airplanes do climb and descend over it. Nice hotel property but they should rename the "Closest Marriott to Munich Airport Shuttle Fee Hotel". Thanks again for the review.