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Munich Airport

I am traveling with my wife and teenager from Austria end of June. Need to get a hotel by airport for a flight the next morning. What is the best hotel with a/c and hopefully a shuttle to airport. I'm hesitant to stay in the city with a flight middle of next morning and potential hassle of getting there. I have looked at Airport Hilton and it may be the best one, just seemed little pricey?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Getting to MUC from Munich Hbf is easily done.. I did that in 2014 with the flight to SFO ca 1400. On departure morning I took the S-Bahn 8 straight to the Munich Airport, just walked a couple of minutes to the Hbf. to catch the S-8. In Munich I stay in a Pension in the train station area. It has no A/C.

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If you insist on air conditioning, which is rare in Germany, you'll probably have to compromise on cost and location. I've spent almost 150 nights in Germany and only one time (less than 1%) was it so hot that air conditioning was needed.

Going from downtown Munich to the airport is not difficult and takes around 45 minutes. If you go from the Hbf, stand on the center S-Bahn platform and take whichever train to the airport comes first, regardless of direction. But beware, if you take the S1, sit on the correct (back) end of the train. It splints at Neufahrn, with the front end going to Freising instead of the airport. The individual cars should say where they are going.). If you start in Marienplatz, take the S8 on Gleis (track) 1, first underground train level.

If you stay in Freising, you'll save about 25 minutes vs staying in downtown. The bus from the Freising Bahnhof to the airport only takes 20 minutes in the morning. I've stayed there twice before morning flights from MUC. Here is the listing, in English, with links to websites and email, of accommodations in Freising. Based on cost and proximity to the bus stop, I would pick either Bayerischer Hof or Zur Gred.

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TRYP Muenchen City Center, located at Paul-Heyse-Straße 24, 80336 München is within walking distance from the Munich Hbf. I have stayed there twice (they have AC); I thought it an okay hotel and is a short walk to the train station.

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8234 posts has a new hotel listing (MOXY) 2.7 miles from the Munich Airport with free shuttle service starting at 67 Euros. From the pictures, it looks like a business hotel--but they sleep the same.

If you sign into Google Maps for Munich Airport, you can hit the + button 2-3 times to magnify the area NW of the airport. There area a number of decently priced bed and breakfasts and small hotels with room icons. And some of them have airport shuttles.

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This October will be our 4th stay at Hotel Regent in Halbergmoos, a few miles from MUC. It has an airport shuttle, nice restaurant, 4* & 3* accommodations. We prefer the 3*/ more traditional hotel.....69E.

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We had a morning flight back home from Munich and stayed at the Hilton right at the airport. It's between the two terminals, so couldn't be more convenient. I'm a baby when it comes to a/c, and theirs was awesome! Just walk out the door and on to the terminal. Highly recommend.

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Novotel Munich airport is great. Bus connection from right in front of the hotel to the airport.