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Lunch in Rothenburg

We'll be in the town on a Sat in June so I'm expecting it to be busy with other tourists and sit down restaurants crowded. Are there more casual options like food carts, take out, etc.

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Although it may be crowded, it sometimes pays to just sit down to fuel up for the rest of the day and give your body a rest. We found a Chinese place around the corner from the Shop advertised in RA book that sells Christmas items. It was delicious! The places on the square will be overwhelmed so try out the side roads. Also in the morning there were farmers carts so maybe you get a picnic setup there and at other shops along the side routes.
On the north side of walking the Ramparts there were some outlying grad areas where you could picnic. It looked into the valley below Rothenburg, sorry but I don’t recall the name.

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Lunch is the big meal in Germany. If you want casual and less expensive do some shopping and picnic. If the weather's good you'll have lots of company.

You can usually find a meat market (Metzgeri) next to a bakery (Backeri). The meat guy usually has cheese, and one will have some local produce. Buy wine or beer, or water. This is my normal way of eating over there, and I just pick up stuff as I walk the streets. (You want to get this done early, as that's when it fresh, and most bakeries tend to try and sell out by noon.)

The local version of a food truck is called an Imbiss. They will have stuff like grilled sausages, pretzels, schnitzels, etc. In RodT they are not usually seen in the city center. They compete with the more expensive places...There's always one by the train station.

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Having spent months traveling in Germany, I say there are no bad German restaurants. On the other hand, it takes at least 2 Michelin ** to get a great meal.

My favorite f or lunch is hole in the wall bratwurst stand or a moderatly priced traditional cuisine joint-- look for a menu (posted outside the door) including Wienerschnitzel or Wurst mit kraut. Hole in the wall or food carst are great choices for fast & cheap.

Somebody suggested Chinese. NO NO NO NO NO NO. Your in Germany. Eat local, & drink dunkle bier.

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From the main square, walk down Hafengasse. Just before you get to the town wall there’s a bakery called Brot & Zeit. They have pre-made sandwiches. There will probably be a line there. Just past the wall there is a grocery store for drinks, fruit, etc. Take your picnic and walk back through town, past the main square, all the way down Herrngasse and out the gate (notice the tiny door in the huge door, that’s how you were let in the town if you didn’t make curfew!). There’s a lovely garden with beautiful views and lots of shade. Great picnic spot!

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Thanx for the help. Now I just have to find some schneeballen after watching Rick Steve's less than enthusiastic review of them. I'm curious. Couldn't be worse than our experience of bitterballen.

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We just used RS suggest of the butcher on the main shopping street, just off Market Square on Schmeidegasse, Metzgerei Trumpp. They do have a small eat in table, but great to take out to do a picnic. Grilled sausages smelled great.