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Hotel's in St Goar

  1. Should we take a train or cruise to St Goar
  2. What hotels would you recommend? I was thinking Rheinhotel but they are booked (Sept 22 & 23)
  3. Does it matter which side of the Rhine you stay on? the convenience of train/cruise/ferry
  4. We are only staying a 1 1/2 days but want to take a cruise on our full day. Which cruise would you recommend? I have read from St Goar to Bingen is pretty. I would assume we can get on and off the cruise along the way?
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Hotel Rheinfals is great...large room with picture window on the Rhine and
very reasonable-5 minutes walk from train station. The best cruise is St Goar
to Bachrach. Only stay on the St Goar side. This is my view from three trips to St Goar.

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Thank you for replying so quickly. The Rheinhotel is booked. Did you stay at any other Hotels?

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We stayed in a very quaint hotel in Bacharach, built into the town wall. It was very charming, and I think RS groups stay there. There are a number of steps, however.

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We recently stayed at the Rheinperle just a short walk from the train station; very reasonably priced and includes breakfast. Definitely stay on the St. Goar side; if you need to access the train station on the other side there is a ferry which only takes about 10 minutes. We took the cruise from Rudesheim to St. Goar - not sure if you can get on and off. St. Goar is a great place to stay and provides easy access to surrounding towns.

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We stayed in St.Goar. Using the KD boat we left around 930/10am. We hopped on off and visited Bacharach, Rudesheim, and trail walked across from the Germanic Memorial in Rudeshesiem to the next town. It’s a great way to see the sights and add in some some short visits of other Rhine towns.

In StGoar we walked up to Rheinfels and it offered great views and sweet treats on the overlook cafe.


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Which cruise would you recommend? I have read from St Goar to Bingen is pretty.
I would assume we can get on and off the cruise along the way?

The strong current of the Rhein river is to the northwest, against travel from St. Goar to Bingen. I would not recommend taking the boat from St. Goar to Bingen (in that direction). I would recommend taking the train to Bingen (Stadt Bahnhof) and cruising with a boat back to St. Goar. You get a 20% discount for the baot at the Bingen kiosk if you show them a Bahn ticket to there.

You can get on and off the boats, but it's not like an on/off city bus. The boats are every two to three hours, and there are not that many boats in a day. You might get stuck in a town for a while. Pay close attention to the schedule.

The last time I was in St. Goar, we stayed in Hotel am Markt. It's right on the market place, next to the KD dock. I recommend it.

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Did you email the Rheinhotel? I know they are closed during winter time, and though they use for reservations, Gil may not have yet opened reservations for the fall. Use their email request form here to find out It was my favorite hotel on my Germany trip, don't give up.

Lee already said what I would say about the river cruise.

Note one reason you may have trouble with hotels is that Sept. 21 is the "Rhine in Flames" celebration. This website has details and suggestions for alternative towns to stay:

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Thanks all. This information is very helpful. I did contact The Rheinhotel directly. They had only one of the nights available so you are probably correct about the festival.
It seems like a lot of people use Has anyone had problems booking with them?

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I too am planning a trip to the Rhine early September. I will travel by rail from Amsterdam and wish to cover the best of the Rhine and Moselle in just two nights if possible. I am still trying to plan which days and which location.
* This response is in regards to your hotel reservations. I have worked in the hotel industry for many years and can tell you the best way to make a reservation is through the hotel. You can use these agencies ( as a search; but if they give you a hotel website always contact them directly.