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Hotel Recommendation Near Neuschwanstein for Sept, 2024

We are starting to plan our return to Bavaria in Sept, 2024, and after flying into Munich will rent a car to drive to, and stay 3 nights, around Neuschwanstein. We have taken this same self-guided tour twice previously, but not since 2014, when we stayed at Hotel Weinbauer in Schwangau, which we loved. But, Rick recommends staying in Fussen, although I cannot find any place on his website where he lists his hotel recommendations. TripAdvisor seems to recommend staying in Fussen or Hohenschwangau more than Schwangau (listed as # 6 of 7 hotels in Schwangau). I thought I'd ask for other recommendations, and appreciate the help!

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I've visited the castle area close to a half dozen times in the last 20 years, but I've always been staying outside the area (for other reasons) and come in by bus to Füssen or Hohenschwangau. However, I think if I were to stay in the area, it would be in Schwangau or Horn. Once, when we came in from outside, we spent the morning exploring Füssen before visiting one of the castles in the afternoon.

It's so easy to get to the Füssen area by rail and so easy to get around in the area by bus that I wouldn't waste the money for a car.

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Thanks. Our first choice, the Hotel Weinbauer in Schwangau, was already booked and had a 4-5 minimum night stay requirement. So, we've written the Hotel Hirsch in Fussen about availability. Would you have any other Schwangau recommendations other than the Weinbauer?

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We stayed at Hotel Sonne in Füssen and enjoyed it very much. It is quite close to the train station where you can get the bus for Neuschwanstein. They offer an excellent breakfast.

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Hotel Restaurant Helmerhof in Schwangau. The first I heard of it was years ago on Germany TV featured for the food. I stayed there once and it was OK. Some distant views of Neuschwanstein from the front balconies.

You might look at places on the northern side of the Hopfensee. I stayed in an apartment there years ago since renovated. Regular bus runs to Füssen.

A little farther away is south of Reutte and into the Lechtal in Austria in the Alps.

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I stayed at Alpenstuben in Schwangau back around September 1. I had a lovely view of Neuschwanstein from the balcony of my room. They provided an excellent breakfast and it is very close to the paths up to the two castles. It was also very close to the lake which has a walking path. If you prefer to stay somewhere where there are lots of food and shopping options this would not be the place, but if you want to be close and enjoy a beverage from the balcony this is a great option, plus they have parking if you are driving.

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I also stayed at the Hotel Sonne and enjoyed it.

I’d stay there again…..

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We stayed at the hotel waldmann. We had a car. great location and hotel. Read the reviews online.

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I would second the advice of staying at Hotel Sonne in Füssen. We had a lovely two nights stay in 2021 during the last of Covid. They have a private pass code underground garage to park your rental. You make a reservation for parking when making a room reservation. The drive to the castle is not far. The rooms were very nice. We had substantial breakfasts both mornings and we found two very nice restaurants for dinner within walking distance. The hotel is conveniently located. Side note: My husband loved a cheese that was served at breakfast. He asked a staff member if she knew where he could buy some. She did. It was from a local cheese store in the shopping area next to the hotel.