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hotel near main train station in Munich

When we booked a Munich hotel in April 2015 never imagined temps in 90's (F) in August when we arrived. At 10:00 pm, 80 and humid. Elevator to 5th fl reception area barely large enough for 2 people plus luggage and HOT and slow. Had to haul luggage up to 6th fl since elevator does not go to 6th fl. Room had only fan and open windows. Since we reserved a room on "quiet" side of building away from street, we ended up on top fl of bldg. where building roof trusses extend into room. Whoever was on window side of room had to lean over the bed when moving/standing due to roof trusses since room was already small. Not good. We checked out next morning after finding a nearby air conditioned hotel (small chain). Had to pay for 3 nights not used since reservation was non-cancellable. Did not get to talk to owner (onsite only during day) about partial refund since we were on tours for 3 days all day long. The non a/c hotel was Hotel Monaco.
Lesson learned: Do not book non-air conditioned room during summer season since even after sightseeing all day in 80's temps and then showering, you want to be in a COOL room. And do not book non-cancellable unless you know exactly what you are getting. Maybe we were a little naïve about the temps and the hotel location situation; this hotel is recommended by Rick Steves in his Germany book.

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Thanks for the reminder. It can be really hard to find a hotel in Munich with air conditioning. I remember staying in a non air conditioned hotel during an even worse heatwave (2003) and thinking "if only we paid more money and stayed at that hotel", a very upscale one closer to the center of the city. I then looked up and saw that most of the windows in the expensive hotel were open and curtains were hanging out of the windows...

We now usually book a hotel like Motel One SendlingerTor so we can count on air conditioning if we are traveling in the summer. This August we were in Berlin, similarly hot.

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Steve and Anita,
I was looking at Hotel Monaco but never heard back from them when I emailed them on Auguast 8th. You should contact them as they should provide you at least a partial refund if they booked your room.

I have opted for Hotel NH Munchen Deutscher Kaiser for the end of October. I need a room for one evening before taking the DB express bus or train to Prague.

Thank you for your post as I have crossed off Hotel Minaco and know know if I travel in the summer to Munich, to get air conditioning.


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I stayed at the Hotel Monaco about 4 years ago, and I'm gonna be honest, I'm surprised it's in the RS book without more information. Nothing against the employees or lovely breakfast, but I find it an odd duck hotel (if I recall, the hotel floors are above apartment floors), I could never figure out how to get in the common shower area (only there one night so passed on a full shower), and many would find the neighborhood uncomfortable. Not scary but right next to a row of girly bars. I would not stay there again. Has nothing to do with the heat wave...just I think that people should book that hotel only if they know what they're getting into.

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We stayed at this hotel early December 2015 with the purpose of going to the Christmas markets. The hotel is close to the train station. We booked 2 rooms and our son and wife stayed in 403 and we were in 603 - both faced the street. The staff was friendly, breakfast was wonderful and the hotel was clean. We had ample heat in our room. However, we would not recommend staying here over a weekend because on Friday and Saturday nights it is nothing but a party in the streets and there was a brawl/fight at 4 a.m. No police around. You won't get any sleep. We also would not stay here again since the area was not just seedy (girly bars) but it felt very unsafe. Times have changed....Nice hotel in the wrong neighborhood. This hotel should come off Rick Steve's 2015 Germany list of recommended hotels.

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Thank you for saying that.

Something happened outside the night I was there as well (during Oktoberfest), and if I'd been able to call the police I would've.

Yep, RS staff I would question continuing to list this hotel.

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We stayed at Motel One which was a short tram ride from the main station. Nice buffet, very comfy large beds, wonderful shower and great AC. It was very hot when we were there in July and we were soooo happy to have a cool place to sleep at night. At 89 € for a double, you can't beat the price.

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Hilton was having a huge sale last summer with rooms in Europe at over 30% off. We stayed at the Hilton Munich City Center hotel with breakfast included (and Oh What a Breakfast!!) for a very reasonable rate. All the rooms were air conditioned. It was 2 stops by subway from the train station with an entrance directly from the subway stop into the hotel. We easily walked to the downtown area as well. I would suggest that you check hotels a short distance from the train station . I was glad for an air conditioned room . I get plenty of local charm when I am out and about all day. At night, I am interested in sleep.....

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We stayed at Monaco years ago and never again, area felt unsafe/seedy and room had bathroom with leaning floor. We found the Fleming's Hotel 2 blocks from the train station and across the street from the Sofitel to be more to our liking, great breakfast, staff, room and location. The only strange thing is the shower (all glass) is in the room, not in a separate bathroom, I think that is part of their style.

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This thread made me curious so I pulled up the TripAdvisor for this hotel. It's rated about 130 of about 390 Munich hotels. Showing a price of $92 for this May, it's no special deal. There's at least 6 top-20 rated Munich hotels coming in with pricing at about $105 - 120 per night. The reviews are FULL of comments about the seedy neighborhood. I seldom use any tour book for hotel recommendations. I might use them to help choose which neighborhood to focus on, but I prefer the larger world of Tripadvisor reviews to get a real feel for a property. The accumulated knowledge of 1000s of reviews far outweighs the endorsement of one person writing a guidebook.