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FRA (Frankfurt Airport) hotel

Need hotel at Frankfurt, FRA airport for an overnight stay prior to catching a morning train from Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof .
Needs to be walkable (no shuttle) from terminal 2. We did this in 2018 and it worked perfectly, but I cannot remember which hotel we used. Was it Hilton or Marriott/Sheraton? Or, is there another option?

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There are two Marriott properties hooked onto the airport in-between the airport terminal and train station. I have stayed there a couple times the last few years and it is so convenient; very easy to walk; all covered without going outside. I would highly recommend it.

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I stayed at the Hilton hotel a few years ago. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the terminal via an enclosed walkway. Nice upgraded room and breakfast. There’s a Hilton garden inn nearby and possibly a 3rd hotel there too. The hotels are right at one of the train stations.

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There is a Sheraton and a Marriott inside the airport. ( Sheraton is now owned by Marriott.) Just get on the Marriott website and Search for airport hotels. Safe travels!

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We have stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Frankfurt airport multiple times. Easily walkable. It works well for us the night before a flight back to the US

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Jo's youtube channel has videos of how to walk to each of these hotels from your flight -- she's an RS forum regular and runs Frankfurt On Foot.

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I stayed at the Sheraton but the Marriott is next door / adjoining and in the same covered/connected walkway as the airport and train station.

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Hilton vs Marriott/Sheraton is likely a membership question for most. I’m a Lifetime Platinum Elite with Marriott so that is the brand I chose. (way too much business travel). I’ve found “regular” Marriott to be a bit hit and miss, they have let some of their properties get old without full renovation. Sheraton FRA has been renovated more recently than the Marriott so I think that is your better choice, and where we stayed. Standard business oriented big chain hotel, but crisp and clean. Book in their renovated rooms. Yes, easy enclosed walk direct to the terminal. Both have breakfast options that can be included.

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Thanks to all for your thoughts, especially on the"remodeled" Sheraton and the YouTube source on how to find these hotels.
If I ever need a guide in Frankfurt, I will know who to contact :)

All very helpful.

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The Hilton hotels are located in the Squaire complex where the Fernbahnhof is also located.
Also some restaurants and a grocery store, which is convenient for getting snacks for the train.

The Sheraton is in-between the terminal and Squaire, but accessible via enclosed walkway.

Whichever one you choose, it probably ends being about the same amount of walking. From
Terminal 2, you probably want to either take the inter-terminal bus or Skyline to avoid additional

For completeness, there are a cluster of hotels in the Gateway Gardens complex that is 1 S-Bahn
stop from the airport. A little more walking, but the hotels are probably half the price.