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Flying Munich to USA Sep 13

My experience on Monday afternoon.

1--Arrive at Lufthansa counter to check in for flight. Show passport. Show your Covid test result (negative) from prior 3 days. (Be sure to get it back.) Get your boarding pass. (1b: If you are checking a bag, do that thing.) Now sign an "attestation" that you have received the very Covid test you just presented or that you are recovered from Covid. Take this document and put it in your purse. No one ever looks at it again. Walk.

2--Go through security. Walk.

3--Go through passport control. Look for a bank of machines under the sign "Automated Passport Control." If you have a US passport, you can use these machines. Scan your passport (insert in opening as shown and hold it still), walk through gate; pose for face scan; walk through gate to the passport agent and get your stamp. Entire thing takes 30 seconds. Eat and buy stuff (if you have time). Walk.

4--Somewhere on the way to the gate but before arriving at it, go through another Document Check. Show passport, boarding pass, and Covid test result again. (This stop was exclusively for passengers headed to Chicago or Boston. I don't know if there are other secondary doc checks.) Walk to gate.

DO allow extra time and bring your patience. There may be a line at any step.

DO NOT have a massive glass of Chardonnay between steps 3 and 4.

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DO NOT have a massive glass of Chardonnay between steps 3 and 4.

What type of wine do you recommend? A Gewürztraminer or perhaps a Riesling?

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"DO NOT have a massive glass of Chardonnay between steps 3 and 4."

Hahaha...oh gosh...actually laughed out loud when I got to that. Thank you for the breakdown and especially the details, lol!

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OK, so the wine must be the trickiest part of the whole process. But why no massive glass? Is the effect that much liquid has on one’s bladder, or the effect the alcohol has on one’s mental faculties?

And once you make it through Step 4, you could be ready for a glass… maybe Mosel?

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Thank you very much. How far in advance did you arrive at the airport?

I will depart from MUC also.

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I arrived at the airport at 1:30 pm for a 3:45 flight. That worked out. I would not have wanted to cut it any closer.

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Thank you simonlefranc, for this terrific step-by-step report detailing how to maneuver the Munich airport. I nearly always take the RT nonstop LH flight from Denver to Munich and then on to my final destination in Europe. I am planning on going to France soon so am particularly appreciating the timeliness and pertinent details of your post!

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Munich is my favorite European airport. Thank you for the detailed report and for making me laugh about the massive glass of Chardonnay!