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Dresden hotel and restaurants

Here are our thoughts on some of the places we stayed/dined/explored on our trip to Dresden at the end of January and earlier this month.

Gewandhaus--Excellent hotel!!! Location is ideal, a short walk the heart of the historical area, but on a nice quiet street. The staff were excellent, from housekeeping to the front desk, to the restaurant. We started our trip here, then ventured to Prague and then came back to this hotel before we flew home. Both rooms we had were excellent with no room for improvement. They were very well kept, well laid out, etc. I loved the touch of the green apples on small white plates on the beside stands. After eating out while traveling, fresh fruit is welcomed! We normally do not opt for hotel breakfasts, but my husband insisted on this and he was right. He ha stayed here numerous times for work, so I trusted him. The restaurant for dinner is very good as well. The steak salad is excellent! We enjoyed the afternoon tea/cake shop as a nice way to take a break in the afternoon. The hotel has a parking lot across the street, which we used. There are many very good restaurants within just a block or so of the hotel, and a tram stop a block away. It is an easy walk from here to the main train station as well.

Camondas Schokoladen--I stopped in here after wandering around the historical center all day. I knew the brand from their other shop in town, but was thrilled to find this one had a cafe. I ordered a tart that was very light, like a meringue, and a bottle of water. The lady that helped me was very friendly and helpful, asking if I wanted tap water or bottled, and showed me the options. The cafe was very inviting and felt very relaxing. I could have stayed in there all day. There is a restroom as well, which was kept very clean.

Sfizio--I stumbled upon this place as I had been out and about all day and was only hungry enough for a very light late lunch. I ordered the bruschetta and it was excellent. I was treated very well, even though I was not ordering a regular meal. The restaurant is very cozy and has a great atmosphere and the few people working were very friendly and attentive. I wished we had time to return for a real meal here, but definitely next time!

La Osteria--There are several locations, but we stopped at the one a block from our hotel. We had dinner here and very much enjoyed it. We were not sure what one ingredient was (rocket) and asked the waiter. He was funny as he kept saying it is rocket, that is English, and we should know (but not in a rude or mean way). He finally got some arugula and put it on a plate and brought it to us and said "rocket". So at least we knew what it was:) We shared a pizza and it was very good. Service was good as well.

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Gansedieb--We had a wonderful dinner here recently. The brat was very tasty, and the duck leg and Brussel sprouts were excellent. The portions are large, but the food is very good. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming and our waitress was great. Very reasonably priced as well. My husband has dined here before and suggested we come, and he was spot on! This was right near our hotel.

Rauschenbach Deli--Awful!!! I stopped here for lunch one day as I kept seeing people seated along the window and figured it must be ok. When I entered, it took a minute for the waiter to notice I had even entered but then he was friendly and seated me promptly. The menu was sort of all over the place, but I decided on a venison goulash and a chai tea latte. I am not sure if they have any idea what a chai tea latte is, because I was given a glass of warm milk. The goulash did not look like any goulash I have ever had, but it tasted ok. Not good, but not bad. I ate a few bites of it and gave up on the meal. It took quite a while to get the waiters attention to get the check, and then he needed to be reminded again after a while and then it still took a while. I honestly have no idea how this place stays in business. This was also right near our hotel.

Kihn Do--We had dinner here on our last night in town. The menu is extensive, so the hard part was narrowing it down to make a choice. The duck curry was excellent! Prices were very reasonable and our waitress was very good. This was also right by our hotel.

Dresden Walking Tour--I took this walking tour recently and it was excellent! There were only 3 of us on the tour that day, and Seema was our guide. She was fantastic! Between the photos she had to share and her knowledge of the city and it's history, it was an excellent way to get to know the city. I highly recommend this tour, especially at the beginning of a trip.

Hygiene Museum--I am not quite sure why this museum has this name, but it was really interesting! It was a real mixed bag, but so good. It had an area on the body and organs, and area on nutrition and first generation household appliances, and a plant exhibition. There is more to it than that, but it gives you an idea of how mixed it is. The gift store is huge and has a lot of books and even vegetable seeds. It was a short walk from our hotel and very easy to find.

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Calling arugula 'rocket' (sometimes spelled roquet) is another of these British peculiarities that make their way through the Continent. I keep teasing them about how the UK constitutes a minority of native speakers of English yet somehow their terms end up being adopted by those using English as the lingua franca elsewhere. Why aren't the American English or Indian English usages adopted instead when there are so many more of us?
But ignore me, I'm a chauvinist. Not sufficient to be American English - I think it should be northern California -- soda, not pop; hella, not very, and so on.

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Yes, very different terms for different areas. Growing up in OR and WA, it was always pop, never soda until we were stationed in the south. I had never heard that term before, and same thing, the people there had no idea what a pop was. The rocket thing was a fun interaction, and we still giggle over the waiter being so animated about it:)

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The Bulow Palais is a wonderful hotel. Stayed there for three nights last summer. The rooms are spacious and well appointed. Staff is well trained and attentive. The hotel is an easy walk down a tree lined pedestrian street to the river and then over the bridge to old town. Turning away from old town the hotel is an easy walk to several streets full of small shops and cafes. This area is where the locals gather. Super fun to visit. The rebuilt old town is very interesting and Dresden Walks does a great job. It is also the main tourist spot. Will 100% stay in the Bulow Palais again next time in Dresden.