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Berlin Hotels-walking distance from Farmers’ Markets

Howdy folks,

Foodie that I am, wherever we travel in the world, my first interest is not museums, historical points of interest/landmarks, trendy spots etc. (they come later), but Farmer’s Markets.

So, whenever possible, I like to stay in little (affordable for us) hotels that are within walking distance of them. What people grow and eat, tells me more about them and their culture than all that other stuff.

We got the Rick Steves Berlin Book and I’m looking through it for such hotels now.

So far, I haven’t found much. Does anybody know of any $ cheap little hotels in walking distance of some farmers markets?

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Perhaps you could specify the location of the farmers' markets which interest you? That would make it easier for people to suggest hotels in the area.

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I'm not saying there aren't any... but I've visited Berlin several times, and I don't remember seeing a market anywhere. I've never been in the Kreuzberg area, so it's possible you may find one in that region. The only market of any sort I've ever seen was on Alexanderplatz, but this was more like a restaurant-run food festival than a farmer's market. And I think it was a special event, not a permanent fixture.

Plus, Berlin really isn't located in a region that's known for the variety of food it produces. The surrounding countryside of Brandenburg is mostly forests and swamps, interspersed with some industrial-scale wheat production and cattle raising. You may see stands selling the seasonal specialties (asparagus and strawberries in the spring and early summer, cherries, blackberries, forest mushrooms and peaches in the late summer, early autumn), but you find these everywhere in Germany at the appropriate times.

Go to a Rewe, Edeka, Aldi or Lidl supermarket to learn what most people actually eat on a daily basis. Unlike US supermarkets, most of these will have an attached bakery and butcher shop where you can see the freshly baked breads and sausage products (respectively).

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There is an outdoor market at Hackescher Markt on Thursdays and Saturdays and it's easy to get to by metro no matter where you stay. I'm not familiar enough with Berlin to know if there's any little hotels around there. That's the only market I saw when I was there.

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We visited two of the markets shown in the above link this summer, the Mauer Park flea market and the Turkish Mart along the canal in Kreuzberg. Both were excellent to wander through, although both quite crowded. If you check the Berlin Transit System maps, you will see that you can easily get to them from just about anywhere. I noticed that you don't list history, but I will mention that Mauer Park market is directly off one end of the Berlin Wall Memorial section in Prenzlaurberg, and the Turkish Market is a not very long walk to cross the Spree and be at the East Side Gallery along the remaining Wall.

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There is a market of sorts (used liberally here) that happens on Sundays. I've been there twice. On Unter den Linden walk eastward ( if you're coming from Friedrichstrasse) until you see the sign for Museuminsel. Turn left you'll run into it...booth after booth , some selling food stuffs. There is also a long booth/bench selling military history, most of it in the original German, some translations too....fascinating

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"Walking Distance". I'm curious as to what folks consider walking distance.

Some in my town consider walking distance to be a city block and will drive around until a parking space becomes free within a block or so of their destination. I've met Englishmen who think little of walking a mile or more for a pint or two. German friends will walk a couple of kilometers (or more) or bike 10 or 20 kilometers rather than drive their car.

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My interpretation of walking distance (with wheeled luggage) is: from 1- 2 mins to ca. 20 mins, depending.

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I suppose John has already taken his trip but for other people, there is a great farmers' market in Kollwitzplatz in the Prenzlauerberg area. It's on Saturdays and full of great stuff even in Winter. We have been in summer, fall and at Christmastime.