Berlin hotel help!

Looking for a hotel, pension, guest house in Eastern Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Mostly because RS Germany guidebook recommends that area.
Prefer mid price but location is most important! We will be there just 1 night (2 days) hoping to find a local guide and walk rather than use public transportation, if possible!

Posted by Ed
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'Mid-price' doesn't help much. Monetary range does.

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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Carolyn, if you would post your question under the Germany forum instead of under German Hotel Reviews, you might get a few more answers. Your post is a bit lost here.

Posted by Nina
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I've been traveling to Berlin every 2 or 3 years and always staying in the same place: Pension Peters next to Savigny Platz. It's truly wonderful, very comfortable and reasonable!

Two years ago, while returning with my husband from Poland I got very ill with bronchial infection. It was a Sunday, but the manager immediately sent us by taxi to the closest hospital and extended our room w/o a problem. I cannot praise enough the wonderful med treatment I received (totaling 60Euros for tests and doctor's visit) as well as the kind service in the pension.
Their breakfast is also great; location close to SBahn, restaurants, buses, etc.

Hope you like it as well.

Posted by johnwork91
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There is a website where you can get general information about accommodation and sightseeing or may be this one for hotels There's a good few cheapest hotels in Berlin. The last time I went I used this web page to book.Have great time, it's a great city.
Hope this helps!