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Anyone contracted Covid in Germany?

We are planning trip to Germany in April. Of course we are vax and boostered and even two have had covid. We have our FFP2 mask. I have not seen anyone with the experience of coming down with Covid in Germany. I have looked extensively for what would happen should we be infected. I can't tell if they tell you to go to a quarantine hotel and how long would that be for? 5 days, 10 days? I would like to know if someone had this happen so I could know what to expect.

Thank you all!

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If you’re talking about testing positive prior to flying home to the US, the CDC (currently) says do not fly for 10 days, or if you are sick.

So your quarantine would be 10 days, assuming you are not symptomatic after 10 days.

If you are talking about what would happen if you were to feel I’ll and test positive mid-trip, it may depends on where you are. The rules differ between the states in Germany.

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Here's a link about quarantine in Germany : My browser automatically translated this page.
I haven't been able to find out any more than what's on this page, like what a "certified antigen" test it (probably one done by a person, not a home test). Basically, you're on your own for accommodations, if you're symptom free for 48 hours before the end of seven days, you're released from quarantine with a negative test.
I was supposed to go to Berlin next week. Germany's case numbers have just peaked and I was uncomfortable with the possibility of testing positive there with them being so high, so I've rebooked myself for the first week of April. There have been some travel industry requests that the US drop the requirement for return testing, which I fervently hope they will do for vaccinated & boosted travelers, soon.

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Yes, the above link to the RKI document matches the rules that we are following, here is a PDF applying to the state of Baden-Württemberg (only in German, sorry!) with a visual breakdown of the system. I have no idea about the rules surrounding accommodations if you test positive, but if you are concerned, you could contact the hotels you plan on staying in about their rules (i.e., whether you could extend your stay in case of a positive test)

About the meaning of a Certified Antigen Test: Yes, this means one done at a Test-Centre, rather than a self-test that you do at home.

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Thank you all so much. Will practice my German translation 😊

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Hi, a side note - worst case scenario - (please search the forum for another poster's experience in Italy). her friend kept testing positive without symptoms - local authorities were not helpful - but what worked was that he finally got a letter from his GP/american doctor saying that 10 days had passed/no symptoms/okay to travel - so that United would let him board the flight back to US. something to keep at back of mind.

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Not in Germany but after a trip. Definitely wear your mask on the plane and inside even though it's not required anymore. Had two people get extremely sick after a few days back, spike fevers, losing smell and taste and one ended up in the ER. It's no joke.