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Amsterdam accommodation

My husband and I and two other couples are travelling to Amsterdam and staying overnight there June 21-22, 2018. We are looking at Hotel Library in the city center. Anyone have any experience with this particular hotel? Reviews talk about a "sewer like" smell and very hot with out air conditioning and basement rooms ... thanks, Rita

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My sympathies.. Amsterdam is the place I have the most trouble getting a centrally located hotel for a reasonable price that doesn't have various faults, often teeny tiny rooms, steep narrow stairs, and yes.. basement rooms exist.

Since you are obviously only transiting through for one night I would say adjust your expectations.. OR be willing to stay outside the central area.

This is however me assuming you are looking for budget hotels.. if you can pay more ( say over 250 a night you may have better luck than we have had )

I have read about the Rokin Hotel on another forum.. the location looks excellant.. but its not super cheap ( to me.. perhaps its good for you ) ..

Last trip we stayed at the Brouwer Hotel and it was fine.. but yes... we had to deal with steep narrow stairs.. and I just read they have new owners so changes may be in the works.

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Rita, we haven't stayed there but to echo Pat, Amsterdam is a very expensive city where accommodations are concerned. Because of the age and design of many of the buildings, lifts aren't possible to install, and average temps are not usually high enough to need air conditioning. Basement rooms? Not all that unusual either. That said, we've stayed in a hotel that had them and made a specific request when we booked NOT to get stuck in one.

Having run through reviews on a couple of websites, I personally wouldn't book this one unless I could be assured of an upper-level room, and was willing to put up with the heat should June of 2018 be as unusually warm as this past one; the heat wave in much of Europe during the summer of 2017 was a frequent news item.

I'd keep looking? If you were open to it, maybe someone has a recommendation for an apartment that could comfortably house all of you.

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If you are traveling by train and if you are only there for 1 night why not stay at the Ibis right next to the train station? It gets decent reviews and has AC. That's what we are doing on our trip next year. We'll actually be there right after you - June 24th:)

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I recently stayed at Hotel Fine Seasons a short walk from the train station. I don't recal what I paid but it wasn't "Motel 6" nor "Four Seasons". It was spotlessly clean, comfortable, had an elevator, Nespresso machine in the room and puppies on the toilet paper (my niece brought some home). I would definitely stay there again.