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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Battling those travel demons
Allan 88
Expanding Message Board
Frank 89
Travel While You Can
Tony 91
Meeting the locals
BigMikeWestBy... 80
Why do you like Air BnB so much?
Lola 88
What intimidates you about travel?
marcia 84
Body Scan/Pat Down Controversy-Your Opinion?
Kerry 90
Travel memories I can't erase: Now I've seen everything...
Zoe 93
Retirement Aborad
James E. 93
Favorite European City
Christi 88
Not being yourself...
Allan 95
How do I eat this? And other etiquette questions.
Jane 95
Leaving the Tour due to annoying participants?
mrad15 95
How do YOU save money on your Europe trips?
Kent 95
Anthony Bourdain says most of us travel wrong
Frank II 86
When you give a girl a trip to Europe...
eurostacy 96
Introduction Thread & "Travel Style"
Sarah 94
What is your MUST BUY to bring home from Europe?
mlhuff73 92
The European city that was your greatest disappointment
cbyrne1953 93
Anyone out there travel without a phone?
mlstimetotravel 96
EU to propose digital vaccine certificates, in time for the summer holidays
Carlos 92
Where do Europeans go on vacation?
Emily 92
Cash is still King
Allan 97
Hotel House Cleaning Gratuity?
RnR 91
Travel Forum Feedback
Webmaster 97
The Tourism Trap - Europe at a Crossroads
aarthurperry 96
How Not to Look Like A Tourist
Frank II 95
Foods not to eat
Paul-of-the-F... 96
Please fill out your Profile
Lee 101
New format
Sasha 101
How Do You Save For Travel?
Randy 99
Helpline Regulars: Your Input is Needed - Webmaster
Ms. Jo 101
Are we confused or intimidated by European trains/mass transit systems?
Kent 105
Do you ever get asked why you are not traveling in the USA?
tgreen 105
Goodies you can't get at home
Nigel 106
Taking electronics on vacation - really necessary?
Tami 101
Biggest Euroblunder!!
Furnacefighter 103
How soon will you travel
Allan 107
Money belts and avoiding getting robbed or assaulted or worse
Mike L 109
Anybody else bored of traveling in their home country and prefer only international...
forshamina 109
What travel experiences were disappointing?
BigMikeWestBy... 106
The Un-bucket list
Tom_MN 112
How are our California/West Coast friends?
Jane 114
Ancient technology in Europe
Karen 111
For us oldies - how much longer do you expect to travel long haul?
steves_8 114
What would be something(s) you wish you knew before your first trip to Europe?
Guss 117
A plug for Airbnb
Becky 114
Airline seats - to recline or not to recline? - the reaction one passenger got
Maggie 120
Who is Going this Year?
James E. 118
Share Your Lovely, Low-Key Moments
lnbsig 116