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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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What did you goofballs forget this time?
BigMikeWestBy... 67
AP: seniors shouldn’t fly
Diane 70
Is photography important to you on your travels?
Allan 68
How much does travelling mean to you?
Mme Eli 70
Anti-shorts faction of <i>Helpline </i>suffers unexpected setback
Kent 71
How many of you watch travel shows on PBS?
Frank II 68
Bit off more than I can Chew...Now I&#39;m freaking out!
Stay-ce 68
Not Europe --- D.C., etc.
Andrea 70
The "@" symbol --- annoying?
Sasha 67
"Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945" by Tony Judt
Kent 71
Curious about Cost
James E. 71
Travel Forum Posters in the Travel Industry
Bruce 65
Take the breakfast in the hotel?
Paul-of-the-F... 71
End of Tipping While Traveling
Frank II 66
What changes will you make when planning travel when this all ends
Alan 70
Your strangest moment in Europe.
Francis 65
Six Words
Nigel 71
Future travel overseas, vaccines, COVID19 tests and quarantine
geovagriffith 67
What's the difference?
Allan 71
Guilt trip! Travel guilt during times of war
jessieM 63
ATT International Day Pass billing dispute- lost 100 minutes AND my sanity!!! + 60 min...
Pat 71
What Do You Do To Travel Lighter Each Trip
Frank II 72
Big decrease in # of posts on the <i><b>Helpline</b></i>?
Kent 68
HELP! My 18 year old sister wants to go to Europe for 6 months!
Nic 72
The "work" of travel
Laurel 66
Weekend Topic - Red Light Districts.
Ms. Jo 67
AirBnB - how much do you clean as a guest?
Rashmi 71
Do you print your travel documents or just use your phone?
Jen 68
How does Historical Fiction influence your trip?
Allan 71
When Travel Opens Again ... will things be mobbed?
Cyn 55
When are you going to throw in the towel...again?
Lulu348 72
The time you have left (for 60+ crowd)
BigMikeWestBy... 71
Managing A Long Trip Abroad And At Home
Andrea 72
Travel Vest
Andrea 71
What "American" food did you find yourself craving on return?
Jodi 73
Use of three-letter aiport codes on helpline
Philip 71
PSA - Europeans do wear shorts
Emily 68
What are you doing with your vacation money?
doric8 72
Things you didn't need
Ben 72
Name YOUR list of 5 underrated &#40;on Helpline-RS&#41; European cities
Andre L. 71
Travel alone in Europe
Dave 71
Is it safe to visit the US?
Emily 74
Eating at McDonalds??
dmwacu 68
Take food with you?
Mme Eli 75
Can't stay in Schengen zone more than 3 mos in 6 mos following first entry
Kent 75
Tour Reviews
Gail 73
How many countries have you been to?
Chani 71
Paris Authorities Launch Three-Day Raid against AirBnB-type rentals in the Marais
Kim 75
Anyone order any *Fun* masks?
Pam 75
Best 'no-travel' tips
MariaF 74