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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Holier Than Thou
Frank II 57
Update your profile or put in some info
diveloonie... 54
New Coronavirus Travel Risk: Employer-Imposed Quarantine
Dave 57
Ever seen anyone sent to secondary for immigration?
Dale 57
What does your crystal ball say?
BigMikeWestBy... 55 it a cultural thing?
Cindy 49
The Overambitious & Energetic Duo
Alex 59
can i travel one day?
Lou 55
Do you prefer big cities? Or?
Lee 54
Mistakes in travel from being too cheap
Paul-of-the-F... 58
How to Plan (from Washington Post)
Laurel 59
Too many places?
jmhettenh 57
Best city to live out of 231 worldwide. Interesting.
Ilja 57
Friendliest Countries
BigMikeWestBy... 56
Air BNB's
JerryG 59
I wish that I knew what I know now...
BigMikeWestBy... 59
Solo travel? (A gloomy post)
douglas 59
Breaking the RS rules on Traveling Light--Questions
Willy 56
EU to US: Go away
Mike Beebe 59
travel accessories you could not travel without
al 59
Trip Advisor or other Hotel Review Sites
Ken 58
Rolling With The Punches&#59; Share Your Travel Horror Story
Randy 59
laptop vs netbook vs notebook vs tablet vs i dont know vs please help!
jennifer 57
The Tour de France started today in England
Dave 57
Fashion aka Not Looking Completely Like A Tourist
MikeV 56
What to do with an incompatible travel companion??
cbrochu30 57
Venice fines tourists: Germans punished for making coffee near bridge
Jim 56
Selfies: psychological handicap or other reason?
MarkK 57
What attracted you to Europe for the first time?
Allan 60
Disturbing trends in air travel
BigMikeWestBy... 59
Dumbest Thing You’ve Done in Europe
Michael 61
Change is in the air
kate 59
What is the best travel advice you ever received?
Alexandra 56
Why Do We Return?
Zoe 61
What are the most beautiful places you have visited in Europe?
Brendon 59
What do "other" newbie Europe travelers do?
Kent 60
What Is Your Secret Travel Extravagance?
Zoe 59
Warning Driving from Country to Country in Europe This is a REAL Tourist TRAP!!!!!!!
kossi00 58
Please help me understand ...
Nigel 59
Which part of Europe would you live in and why?
citassate 61
Chance encounter
Emily 60
Biggest or smallest surprise
CJ 60
is wearing shorts out of the question in europe ...please advise ..thanks
fred 62
Rick's Packing List Quantify Clarification Request
Greg 56
Top Ten Tips For Getting Through Airport Security
Frank II 59
Souvenir Regrets
Penny 61
The Ugly American
Michael 1 60
Curiousity gets the cat.
Kathleen 58
Travel Snobs
Kathleen 53
How important is Internet on your European travels?
Andre L. 59