tours-alternative versions

Matt your not the only one. Keep thinking, dreaming and suggesting to RS. The bottom line is that they need to "sell" 3-4-5 tours per year of a new tour to justify doing it on a business basis. I totally disagree with that nubmer but what do I know. Obviously a profit is necessary but there is room for some "experiments". Kind of like 'limited editions" we are trying this on x and y guarantee if future dates will be presnetedthis can actually draw crowds if advertized correctly. I know a guide within RS who is pushing for just such an "redo" Tour of Rome. A tour for more experienced travelers who are not first timers but who still want to tour with a group for the ..well association of being with a small group to share the experience along with a very knowledgable guide etc. The part duex tour would NOT hit the main sites covered in the basic city tour but the "back door" stuff. So yeah-keep the pressure on RS. Note also that post 200,8 with the world economies taking a hit, tourism slowed sharply for a bit. But RS is now putting on more tours then ever beforethey just might be open to such suggestions to expand their offerrings at very little development cost.

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