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Political Discussions & Staying on Topic

Hi everyone,
While I have taken the position of allowing political discussion if it pertains directly to the original poster's (OP's) travel question, this has been abused in recent weeks. I've seen far too many topics recently that skew way off topic and do not help answer the OP's question. These discussions do not further the purpose of our community. Community Guideline #1 is to stay on topic. From here forward, if we see threads that become purely about a political subject, the entire thread will be removed from the forum. Political discussions do not help the OP or other travelers, and neither does removing the entire thread which we typically find to be a last resort. The ball is in your court. If you have a concern about this, please send me a Private Message.

Please keep all discussions on topic. Thanks everyone.

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For clarification, I won't remove an entire thread just because one person adds a post that is political in nature without relating it back to the travel topic at hand. I'll just delete the one post if we catch it or it is reported.