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Good sournce for WWII history and sites to visit.

Rick's videos are the best but his info on World War I and Word War II is sparse.
I stumbled across what I will call the Rick Steves for World War I and World War II sites, events and stories.
It's Mark Felton Productions on YouTube. In watching his videos on the world wars I'm making a list of war sites and museums to visit. I'm wondering if anyone else is doing the same.

He has many amazing stories and a lot of unique video footage from the wars.

Just thought I would pass this along.

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Do these productions cover all of the battles and the various nations involved, or are they American centric?

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They are defiantly NOT American centric. If anything they more German and British centric. He talks about events, locations about historical events about the wars. His presentation style is similar to Rick's videos on a wide range of topics, locations, and people. He does a lot of comparing photo comparing of locations from around the time of the war, over the years with today. And like Rick's videos he points out really interesting facts. Be careful, like Rick's videos they can be addictive.

Here's a link to a video on Obersalzberg, the Berghoff, Eagles Nest, the train station and the surrounding area. He has pictures during the war, after the area was bombed, the destruction in the 1950s and what it looks like today.

Another really interesting one he created was on von Ribbentrop gold. He takes you to the lakes where the gold tossed said to have been tossed in the lake. Never to be seen again. Except not too long ago a young girl playing in one of the lakes, ready for this? Found one of the Nazi gold bars.

Just as good is the story of the Amber Room. I think Steve briefly talked about it on one of his videos. But this guy has a video which goes into a lot of detail and shows where the panels from the Amber Room were thought to be. It's part of a church and parking lot.

He has an interesting video from the days after Hitler's suicide and the provisional or Flensburg Government lead by Karl Donitz in Flensburg. Would be an interesting place to visit.

Here's video on the last remaining E-Boat. It's in England. This boat discovered full scale D-Day practice operations in Slapton Sand, England and attacked. The battle that ensued was the Americans against the Americans resulting in a high death toll. There's a memorial in Slaton Sands one can visit. It appears this boat is on display in England.

Interesting stuff.

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I would say that a lot of the best sources you will find in German language - of course not only. Here several TV documentaries from German public TV are caring to describe history - by far not only focussing on world wars or Nazi stuff. This is only a small part. German archives have tons of material.

I am aware of over 120 TV docus about Third Reich and over 200 about WWII.

To be honest: I think i have seen some sections of the e-boat videos before.

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@Mark K I would be surprised if any of the videos you are referring to cover the same material. He has one on what happened to all of the German Tanks after the war. In his video about the Soviet tanks he tells the story of an event not too long ago in Hungry where they had the tank on display. An 70-80 year old who was in the war drove the same model tank, He started it and started driving it around as the Hungarian police shot rapper bullets at the tank. Like Steve, his videos are excellent.

I think I remember reading he made/makes history videos for the BBC and/or history channel. I might be wrong, but I think I remember reading that he was fed up with the history channel because they weren’t interested in trellising the facts. Just telling a good railings story.