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Customs / immigration


I'm traveling from the US (I'm a US citizen), to Frankfurt via Iceland. I'll just have a carry-on. I know I go through passport control (immigration?) in Iceland but do I go through customs there or in Frankfurt? It's booked as 1 ticket (Icelandair) if that matters.

Thanks for the help, this is my first trip to Europe.

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In Europe, most places use the Green Door/Red Door method, if nothing to declare, walk out the Green door, if you have something you want to declare (rare) then head to the red door where there will be a couple Custom's Officers waiting.

In the US, you actually make a declaration (on a card or at the kiosk) and then may be stopped, or not. In Europe, though much more rare, you could be stopped walking out the green door as well.

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Essentially, you get your passport stamp for Schengen in Iceland. There is virtually no line, plan on no more than a minute as you walk through the airport from your arriving plane to your departing plane. I've been through there four times on the way to Europe and the longest line was a few people, each person taking about 20 seconds.

As I recall when you get to Frankfurt there is a sign for those having something to declare. If not, you just walk straight to baggage - or ground transportation if you carry on.

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Thank you everyone. Makes me a bit more comfortable to know what to expect.