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Common sense precautions in Paris
lavra 39 the beaten track
June 39
Best plan for short stay in Paris
lindawig 40
Paris to CDG
Kay 40
Which money belt do you recommend in France?
MathRobot 38
New pick pocket scam: a pigeon pooped on you
dpalmier53 38
Getting on trains with heavy luggage
aneuwirth 40
Should we cancel Dec. 5 flight/trip to Paris?
JudithC 38
Paris/ Normandy
edryer4356 39
Lille or Not
Andrea 40
Why, Rick, why??!!
Shelly 39
Anyone else going in August?
Rachael 37
Recent Paris Trip Report
Paul 38
Normandy Slow-Pace Trip in Coming Sept
JJ 39
Clothing in Paris
JoAnna Hollman 40
Traveling alone at almost 80years old, do you think it is dangerous ?
Charlotte 38
Laundry- Arggh!
mjciavola 40
Monaco and Monte Carlo Excursion
bostonphil7 38
Travel Advisory & News Sources while traveling in Paris; areas to avoid
dw 36
Some basic French
David in... 41
Learning French to go to Paris
heather.kramb 37
Will Paris airfares go down?
Bill 40
Handicap Discrimination Bus Services in France and Switzerland by FlixBus
John 36
Hotel advice Rue Cler district
Momorichel 40
Should I pre book in-country transportation (before leaving US)?
ocean4tricia 41
2 Seperate Flights - PLEASE HELP
brittany.fraser 35
Blocked on SNCF:(
Valerie 33
Paris at the Moment - lots of scaffolding
cj-traveler 35
Air France Cancels Flights in April
Jim 34
Driving route from Bordeaux to visit Dordogne, Basque France/Spain and laRioja
jules m 41
Hot Glazed Doughnuts on the Menu, and Parisians Can’t Get Enough
Tim 39
To take or not to take....
jill 40
Silly food question
jfschneider601 42
Allowable limits at US Customs - Help!
Kelly 42
Apartment or Hotel in Paris
Cheryl 41
tight connection at CDG
sophiemartin395 41
Where to Stay in Paris?
Patti 39
Problems getting QR Code for Pass Sanitare
Cheryl 41
How is my updated Paris itinerary?
OrangeCarp 41
Paris/Alsace at Christmas
Will 37
Bedbug Pandemic in Paris! Help?
LJD 41
Question for apartment renters
Randi 42
Lost U.S. passport and ID
robertmarron 41
2018 Statistics are in for Fines to Air BnB Owners Flouting the Law in Paris
Kim 43
Should I still visit Paris in 2 weeks?
Kogunit 41
September Planning
williams5 38
Unique, must-buy items in Paris?
Astorienne 42
French is tough - tips for language success?
Hank 42
Paris - Public Transportation Questions
Porcupyn 44
Madame versus Mademoiselle
Kent 43