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Taxi to cdg from republique
regdellafruita 7
Paris museum pass
regina 9
Cognac/Western France
regina6469 3
Climbing up in the organ at Saint Sulpice in Paris
reginablake67 5
Reservations or not?
regnar590 3
Questions about train tickets from Paris to Chalons-en-Champagne
regritten 3
Two days in Paris - Ideas?
regritten 9
Unable to purchase Paris Museum Pass on their website. Is this a scam?
reheiser 8
Montmarte and Marais in one day?
reikenmd 7
A quart bag for liquids
reikomatsuo 7
Free afternoon in Arles
reikomatsuo 6
GPS in France
reikomatsuo 13
Chamonix Express from Martigny
reillyfram 3
water show/candlelight evening at Vaux le Vicomte
Reiselle 6
Institut du monde arabe and Jeu de Paume - advance tickets needed?
Reiselle 4
Brittany without a car
Reiselle 5
Does this seem like a reasonable Paris itinerary or add a day?
relegated 12
Best day/time for Eiffel Tower and should we do Palace of Versailles?
relegated 4
Skip the Lourve?
relegated 29
Go to summit of Eiffel Tower or just first stop?
relegated 9
Struggling with how to spend our few days in Paris
relegated 24
First time in France, I need help completing my itinerary
relight 25
where to rent a car
rellingrw 8
remiajadi 13
7 days in France from Sept 14-22
renata.a.garcia 14
Train from Paris to Colmar
renata.a.garcia 10
Alsace region for 5 nights
renata.a.garcia 6
Bday Dinner with a View in Paris | Moms 70th
renata.a.garcia 10
3 full days in Alsace Region
renata.a.garcia 9
Paris and ? for three weeks
Renee 7
Rental car pick up outside of Paris
Renee 3
Chateau BB in Loire Valley
Renee 3
Champagne/Alsace/Burgundy area recommendations
Renee 5
Home base near Colmar for 3 nights
Renee 5
Purchasing TGV tickets -- France
Renee 16
Rental car France.
Renee 19
Burgundy recommendations
Renee 2
Dijon hotel and restaurant
Renee 7
DDay tour from Paris
Renee 5
Chateau Chalon area of Jura
Renee 5
Lyon area
Renee 4
Brittany for one week
Renee 11
Vent des Greves in Mont Saint Michel
Renee 5
Ancient stones of Brittany question from radio interview
Renee 10
Hotel in Eiffel Tower area
Renee 6
May 1 Metro in Paris
Renee 9
MSM area restaurant recommendatioons
Renee 0
Brittany five nights
Renee 7
Paris hotel
Renee 6
Christmas in Paris
Renee 3