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Young people discounts in Paris museums

Dear Travelers,
When a museum in Paris has a discount for people younger than 26 or students, what do they mean? Is it for French/EU only or an American can also qualify?
Thank you!

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You would have to check each museum's site to know the answer/details. Each museum explains it quite well on their website who gets in for free and the types, if any, of students or teachers who get free admission. At the Louvre, under 18 is free for everyone regardless of nationality and over 19 and under 26 is for residents of the EU, Norway, and Liechtenstein and certain art teachers also get free admission. At the Musee d'Orsay although they do offer a family discount -- up to two adults pay 13€ each if they are visiting with a child -- that's a 3€ discount off the regular adult rate, under 18 is free and for those 18 to 25, you must be a national or long-term resident of an EU country.

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the websites of museums are crystal clear that free entries for young adults are for EU residents only. It is a taxpayer benefit. Any questions like this are answered by looking at the website of the thing you want to visit. Museums in Paris are consistent; if they have a price (some are free like the Petit Palais) then they are free for those 17 and younger and for residents of the EU from 18 to 25. for monuments like the Eiffel Tower, again check their web site. the ET has a 'Youth rate' for anyone 12-24. And a child rate for those younger. Kids are not free at the ET.

No one cares if you are a student; benefits are based on age not student status.

Where you can luck out is on transport as the Ticket Jeune weekend day passes which are a huge bargain are available to anyone 25 and younger including Americans. These allow transport based on zone -- the one that covers all of Paris for a day is only about 4 Euro -- it is more of course if you get a 5 zone pass including the airports but still much cheaper than adult day passes.

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I thought the pricing at French museums was pretty reasonable and it didn't worry me.

If if matters to you, you can always interrogate the ticket seller and, if need be, play the poor dumb tourist card.

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Thank you for your responses!
I wish every museum would clearly state the conditions of discounts. Unfortunately it is not always the case. For example, Paris Dali Museum, Marmottan, and there are more. There are young people discounts, student discounts, art student specific discounts / free access. Sometimes it is not clear at all. So, my question is should I even bother researching it or an American ID, student ID would never qualify.
But thank you anyway!

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Here is the information for the Musee Marmottan: discounts are for those above age 7 and under age 18 (pay 9€ as compared to 13€) and for students under age 25. It says nothing about students having to be EU residents or nationals and my daughter went there in 2019 when she was 21 (turning 22 the following month) and we paid the discounted price. We were trying to buy her a regular adult ticket and the person selling us the tickets asked her about her age and then sold us the discounted ticket for her after looking at her US-college ID. This is consistent with what they say on their website about tickets which we did not know at the time. I agree that the Dali Museum site is not clear. But, in any event, you have to check each museum's site and see exactly what they say. There are some slight variations among them. One thing that I have noticed is that if the ticket for those under 26 is discounted as opposed to free, it is less likely that the young person has to be a resident or national of the EU.