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Would you visit Monet’s Garden on a weekend?

We will be in Paris this April, 2024 and it will be our 4th visit. It seems there is always lots to do so I am contemplating on visiting Monet’s Garden (never been). The only day we have open would be on a Sat.

I’ve read conflicting information that it can take either less than an hour or 2 hrs to reach Giveny by train. We will be staying in the Le Marais (hotel next to Place Des Vosges.) If we do go, we would go in the morning and get tickets for the 10:30-11am entry. Have you been to Garden recently? Thanks you.

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I was there in mid-April 2023 as part of the Heart of France tour so I can't comment on using the train to get there. When we visited, the flowers were absolutely stunning. The gardens are beautiful, and walking around the ponds was incredibly peaceful and beautiful. If you are a Monet fan, you will appreciate it (if you aren't, then maybe not so much). I would think that getting there that early in the morning would help to avoid bigger crowds later in the day.

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I've visited Monet's Garden 4or 5 times.
In my experience, it has been less crowded in the later afternoon.
But of course I can't promise that would be the case for you.
Good luck, which ever you choose -- it's a beautiful experience to be there.

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I’m excited to visit Monet’s Garden on this trip.

Thank you both for your responses.

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I have been twice, and am planning a third visit in September. It is definitely worth your planned visit. Make sure to visit the Orangerie museum in Paris after you've been to the house and gardens. You will appreciate those paintings in a whole new way. It's a wonderful "full circle" experience. I've actually driven both of the times I've visited (we were driving from Normandy), so I can't comment from personal experience on the timing of the train... however, I'm thinking that the discrepancies you're seeing may have to do with the fact that there is no direct train from Paris to Giverny. The train goes from Gare Saint Lazare to Vernon (this journey is just under an hour), and then you take a shuttle bus from Vernon to Giverny. The distance is only about 3 miles, but depending on your arrival time, you might wait perhaps 15 minutes for the shuttle. This could account for the differences in time that you are seeing. It's a well-oiled machine, and you should have no trouble navigating this. My group will also be doing the train/shuttle service on this next visit (although we are also considering a bike rental in Vernon - depending on weather!). Have a great time!

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Please check out another post re: visiting Giverny on weekend by train from Paris … apparently the line from Paris is actually closed for April and much of May weekends to work on tracks.

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If the train line is down, probably there are bus half-day tours from Paris.

If this is your only chance to go, I wouldn't hesitate. I went on a May weekday, pre-Covid. Place was pretty full! None-the-less, I enjoyed seeing the place that I had read so much about and seen so many paintings produced at the site. We just waited for crowds to thin a bit at a couple spots and took our time.

On the other hand, if this isn't high priority, there are probably other spots in or near Paris to explore that might not have the train concerns. Have you been to Fontainebleau, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Château de Chantilly, and/or Malmaison? (I have not checked Saturday routings!!!)

I know you didn't ask for other suggestions - I just couldn't resist!! Planning another Paris venture for myself come fall 2024!

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It's a must see town and visit. Do not miss it. I am looking to return back in August - I'm wondering about less expensive accommodations for 7 days. I'm looking for suggestions.

Honestly, I've always taken the train myself. They have a bus at the station for the visitors to go directly to the gardens - or rent a bike if you are adventurous.

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Please see my post. There are no trains to Vernon on weekends in April.