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WIND breakers or............... RAIN jackets for Paris ?

So, next on my list here for going to Paris is my jacket. I will be there July 27 - Aug. 3.. the paris in 7 days gig.
from what I've read on my own, it sounds like it will be kind of hot there ??

So, I'm on the fence as to whether to buy a "WIND breaker", or some sort of "RAIN" jacket (light weight).
And my budget on this jacket is around $50.00. I don't need "fancy".

So, any suggestions as to where to be honing in on a WIND breaker or a RAIN jacket. ?
any particular web sites?

or maybe it just doesn't matter a ton as to which type of jacket I go with.

And thank you to everybody who takes the time to comment. I have been posting a ton here lately.

Cathy Ortiz
Bothell, WA

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A rain jacket can serve as a windbreaker; on the other hand . . . .

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Cathy, you live in Washington - you must have some kind of light windbreaker/rain jacket that you use at home. You don't need anything special for Paris in July/Aug. Chances are pretty good you won't use what you bring anyway but it's a good idea to have one just in case. I spent the month of Aug in Paris two years ago and I think I used my umbrella twice (it sprinkled for a couple of hours two days out of 30) and I used my windbreaker (my normal one that I use at home in OR) once when it got chilly one night.

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you know believe it or not... I don't currently have a wind/rain breaker (even though, yes, I live in washington state). I have the heavy wool jackets for the winter/snow months. So, this jacket would be used for ... yes.. washington state here.. AND Paris... and I think I'll get a windbreaker with a hood and maybe spray the thing for rain resistance. :) , f**I know I could figure out this question on my own, BUT figured it wouldn't hurt to throw out he question. Thanks everybody.

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Sierra Trading has a 70% off sale at the moment. They've got a few waterproof jackets in your price range. Have fun shopping.

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I just returned from 2 weeks in Paris. It rained on and off for about a week of the 2 weeks that we were there. I brought a light weight windbreaker (with a hood that tucks away). I bought it very cheaply at Wal-Mart and have used it for years. Also, cheap/small umbrellas are for sale at many tourist shops in Paris. I think that they cost about 5 Euros.

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Paris weather is rather like Seattle weather -- a light rain jacket that doubles as a windbreaker is perfect. It rains a lot in Paris but usually in short showers.

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I found a rain jacket on sale for about $40 that turns itself into a pouch. I keep trying to find the perfect travel jacket and I was skeptical about this one, but I used it and it worked, once I mastered getting back into pouch form. I think I. Got it from Travelsmith, but check on Sierra Trading Post. That said, last trip to Paris in late summer I just used a little trendier jacket and an umbrella.

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You won't be cold in summer, but in case it rains I would take a lightweight rain jacket. I bought a Columbia brand for $40 at Sports Authority.

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Cathy, how long have you lived in Bothell? Didn't you hear about the state law requiring all of us to have a Gore Tex shell parka? To wear in winter with our down vest, shorts, and sandals? ; )

WIND won't be a problem when you're there. If it rains, and you don't have or want to get something light that also works here in the PNW, then just pick up a cheap umbrella or jacket while you're in Paris. Or maybe bring one of those plastic ponchos that hopefully will stay folded up in the bottom of your suitcase!

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Thank you everybody! I will try Sierra Trading.
I literally made a trip to WalMart yesterday - we are in off season right now, so no windbreakers (in the store), although they have them on the web, so I've got 2 I'm considering (from the web)

Hadn't thought of Sportmart.... and to the guy who suggested a Gore vest - along with shorts and sandals... everytime I literally see that combo on someone in 30 degree weather, I just smh (shake my head-every single time) and think, "are you really THAT warm blooded?" lol

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I own the perfect article of clothing for something like this, a breathable waterproof lightweight jacket that doubles as a shell. Packs small.

And you know what? I'd leave it at home for Paris in the summer.

Use a compact travel umbrella instead. You'd probably want one anyway.

PS Cheapo jackets will either be (1) waterproof sauna bags or (2) not rain jackets. Waste o space.

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We were in Paris during August a few years back and it rained for days. I'd only brought summer clothing along and was freezing. I ended up buying a long rain jacket at Galleries Lafayette. The umbrella just didn't cut it.
I've been during September with temps in the 70s.
Just like Seattle, be prepared for any sort of weather.
My go-tos are REI or the Nordstrom sale in July.

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Agree completely with Adam. Skip the wind breaker or rain jacket. Sure, you can pick up some cheap umbrella from a street vendor - but you get what you pay for. Spend half your budget and get yourself a decent travel umbrella. I purchased one from REI last year for a trip to the Netherlands and Belgium. It was lightweight, well-made, came with a carrying case that had a carabiner clip attached so you can hook your umbrella to the outside of your purse, day bag or belt. It rained every single day of my trip so I certainly got my money's worth. I also use the same umbrella at home and it holds up really well in high wind gusts without turning inside out.

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Hi Cathy,

I like to bring a lightweight sweater for the plane that can be used for evening dinners. For the Paris summer trip I brought a thin black cardigan. Check the weather forecast the week before to see if you need to bring an umbrella - probably too hot for a jacket.

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Paris has very changeable weather. We were there for the great heat wave of 2003 where old people died by the score in their apartments. It was 105F for several days running. A couple of weeks before that, I was wearing my polartek cardigan in the evenings it was so chilly on the balcony of our apartment.

Even if you don't need a light jacket during the day, you are likely to need it on a Seine cruise at night and you could get a week where it is chilly. Always have a light rain jacket and a sweater somewhere to hand when traveling in northern Europe.

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I bring a waterproof rain jacket in October, but would only bring light layers in August. If there's a sudden downpour, cheap-umbrella sellers come out in force.

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well definitely true that umbrellas bloom in every rainstorm -- so in a really hot month, you will have no trouble acquiring one if you aren't carrying one.

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I would just bring a very light weight versatile top layer. Buy an umbrella at the Monoprix (like a Target) if you get some rainy weather. Then you have a useful souvenir!