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Why can't I book a train ticket from Frankfurt to Paris?

Hi all you wise European travelers,

I am trying to book a direct TGV train from Frankfurt to Paris using for Oct. 14th. The reservation window should be open, according to every resource I have seen (120 days in advance for TGV). So, in trying to get the cheapest pricing for this route (specifically the 8:57AM TGV9556 on that day), I went to the site, and as I go through the checkout process, when clicking on the "pay" button, I get this error message instead:

"During payment an error has occurred. There are no seat reservations available on one of these trains. Please try again, without selecting a reservation."

Also, when I go to, I get this message:

"Sorry, we haven't found any trains
Booking is open for this route but we can't find any trains for your search:"

I am officially puzzled as to why I cannot purchase these tickets if booking is open...unless I'm just too early still, but I thought there was a 120 day advance purchase available for TGV? Hoping someone can help me solve the problem...

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Despite what you may have read, it is 92 days out to book this train, so try again on July 14. Some times SNCF may release sale dates early, but not in this case. The TGV site clearly states:

Some of the trains running on the selected date aren't on sale yet. More information

Then shows no trains. So relax and wait for the day.

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UPDATE: Just for fun, I've been attempting to buy the tickets each day to see whether it would go through or not, given the conflicting information I've read about the "purchase window" opening.....well today (6/19), I was able to purchase the Frankfurt-Paris TGV tickets for travel on Oct. 14.Not quite 120 days, but also definitely beyond the 92 day window.

Strange, but happy I was able to snag cheap TGV tickets for this leg! I used easy.