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Which train station?

In June I am taking a train from Bayeux to Reims, and must go through Paris and change trains there in order to travel on to Reims. I have not been able to identify the specific train station in Paris I will be coming in to, nor the train station I need to be at to catch the train to Reims. My question is: which train station(s) in Paris do I need to be at in order to catch the train to Reims when I have traveled from Bayeux? Thank you for your response. Larry

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If you are taking the TGV the train from Bayeux arrives at Paris St Lazare. The train to Reims departs from Paris Est. You can take the metro or taxi between the to stations - they are about 2.5 km apart

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Bayeux to Paris Gare St Lazare.

Paris Gare de l'Est to Reims.

The RER "E" connects the two stations. At Gare St Lazare the RER station is known as Blvd Haussmann/St-Lazare, at Gare de l'Est the RER station is known as Magenta. It originates at Haussmann/St-Lazare and takes just one stop, only 3 minutes.

Usually it is a high speed TGV train from Paris to Reims, and either goes direct to Reims or more likely to Champagne-Ardenne, a TGV station in the middle of nowhere and then a connecting small regional train 10 minutes into Reims.

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Larry, can I just ask? We have several people who have come on the Helpline recently with wacky names that they sign on but virtually all people before the last few months used real sorts of names.

You used a strange one - data mining rc (rc=radio controlled?) yet signed your question with a real name, Larry.

Please don't take this the wrong way - there are a lot of us wondering what's going on, and it is rare to see somebody with both a strange name - we call it an avatar - and also a real type name in the same message.

Can you help me? Why did you call yourself dataminingrc instead of Larry?

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if time is an issue you don't want to take a cab -- traffic can really be bogged down in central Paris. we once paid more to travel from St. Lazare to Bastille by cab than from Bayeux to St. Lazare.