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Which kind of tea worth to be taked back in France?

My father likes tea very much. I travel in France recently and I want to take some tea as gift for my father. Which kind of tea is good in France?

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for a tea gift we went to a shop in Chinatown and got a really good fermented Chinese tea; I don't think they grow tea in France. The one the shopkeeper recommended was Pu Ehr; the gift recipient was thrilled with it. The shop was L'empire des Thes 101 Rue d'Ivry. They have all sorts of green and black teas as well as dozens of flavored tea blends.

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Well one tea rule I know they grown in France ( I've picked it ) is a herbal tea called " Tilleul" , sometimes blended with peppermint . I think it's unique because it's actually grown there , not imported from India or China .

It grows on a tree but o do t know the English name of it .

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I enjoy the teas sold by French importer Mariage Frères. They have hundreds of different varieties, sold in their iconic black tins (or you can purchase by weight in bags) and boxes of teabags if that's what you prefer. They have several tea shops in Paris, but you will also find stands in Galeries Lafayette, and several shops stock at least some of their teas.

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Tilleul is Linden. When the Lindens bloom in June people frequently pick the blossoms in Paris parks.

Proust. .. . Madelines dipped in Linden flower tea

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Damman on Place des Vosges has very nice gift sets - all kinds of tea.
Kushmi tea is in most of the department stores and has unusual flavors.