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Where to stay in Paris

Next April (2018) my boyfriend and I are traveling to Paris and Italy for the first time are extremely excited! We are staying in Paris for about 11 days. We already booked an air B&B but I wanted to reach out to all of you about your opinions on the arrondissement in which we are staying at. We are staying between the 8th and 17th close to a park and metro line 2. (If it isn't the best location, we still have time to change with a full refund )

We are both 24 years old so we would like some night life, however we also like to relax with a glass of wine and cheese late at night listening to the sounds of the streets around us. We are from San Francisco so taking the metro at night to a nightlife location for us is definitely not a problem!

Any opinions would be great! Also, this is our first big vacation together so any type of romantic things or activities that we can do would be appreciate! (We are both college students though so nothing that is insanely expensive!)

Thank you! :)

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A related topic-you don't say if you are aware of vacation rental restrictions which are set to take effect in the next couple of months. New regs will require an owner who is advertising a vacation rental to have a certification number with the city, if this is not in place you do run a bit of a risk of that apartment suddenly not being available to you. There are threads on this and other sites that may be of interest to you, just wanted to give a heads up. You should ask the party you are considering renting from through Air if they are a legal rental and if they can prove it.

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It is so nice that you are having a good long stay in Paris! You can experience so much and not have to rush. Perhaps you can post the link to the apartment you found so we can give better info.

Do you have Rick Steves' Paris guidebook? Tons of info you need for this trip.

Paris is a wonderful city for walking and Rick plots out several for you in his book. Also, look at Paris Walks for inexpensive group tours you can join.

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I can think of a dozen other arrondissements that I would be happier to stay in.
You didn't mention a Metro station, so there's no way to tell which area you are located in.
For my money, the 8th and the 17th are the dullest places in Paris - and expensive, to boot.

Try the 5th or 6th arrondissements, or the 11th or 12th. They are much cheaper and there's more to do.

And there are restrictions on apartments in Paris, just so you know.
The owner must have a registration number which is tied to his financial information.
If he doesn't have that, it's illegal.

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I agree with Chexbres - if you're young and like to go out, look in the arrondissements that she mentioned. The 8th/17th by Parc Monceau is a bit staid.

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The area around Parc Monceau is very nice, probably quiet at night but the Metro will get you anywhere you want. I think Monceau is one of Paris' most beautiful parks, which is saying a lot. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants and shopping opportunities. I think there used to be a street market on nearby Rue Levis, but not sure it's still there. For me "nightlife" nearby would be a negative, but for what it's worth I'd love to spend time in the neighborhood you're looking at. An 11-day visit will give you plenty of time to explore the city and a day trip or two. Have fun!

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The market at rue de Levis is still there.
But nothing would convince me to stay there just for the market.
There are much better options.