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Where to stay in Paris?

I will be traveling to Paris with my husband and our two teenage daughters in June. We have a relatively short time in Paris, two days/nights. We want to see the typical things: Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triumph, The Louvre, etc and enjoy some good food. We have a very early morning flight (07:05 a.m.) on Easy Jet to Venice. One question is where is a good area and/or hotel to stay at in Paris? We plan to arrive at the airport two hours prior to our flight. Is this sufficient time? And what is the easiest way to get from the hotel to the airport in the morning? IT WILL BE VERY EARLY! Taxi? And should we make the transfer arrangements to the airport after we arrive in Paris? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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The very first RER leaves from Gare du Nord at 4:53 am and gets to CDG term 2 at 5:31. That's probably early enough, but with 4 people you might still want to go by taxi. Make sure they know how much luggage you have. The cabs are only so big.

You could stay in the Gare de Nord neighborhood to keep your options open. Lots of transport options there to get around Paris.

You are really cutting yourself short. If you arrive at CDG in the am from N.A., you will get into Paris just before noon, stash bags at your hotel, and start touring jetlagged. Then you only have one full day following.
How much do you want to see?

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The area around Gare du Nord is fine but, I would probably stay somewhere else for a two day trip. With four people a taxi is a viable option. Taxi fare should be between 50 and 60 euros and the RER will be 39 euros but you will be driven door to door and not have to deal with stairs, etc. You don't say what your budget is so I can't suggest any hotels without that but I would figure out what you want to see and if you want to see the typical sights like Notre Dame and the Louvre then I suggest staying in the 3rd through 6th arrondissements. Yes, two hours is sufficient time for the trip to the airport. You can call a taxi the night before from Taxi G7 using their English speaking line (+33 (0)1 41 27 66 99) or you can ask the hotel to do it. Be ready 5 minutes before the designated pick up time. And be sure to tell the hotel front desk to call G7. If you do not, they may call a car service, which would be fine but is generally more expensive than a taxi.