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Where to meet friend flying into different terminal at CDG?

I'm Paris bound (for the first time!) in 2 weeks with a few girlfriends. I am flying United into Terminal 1... another is coming American into Term 2 and the third is coming Alitalia into another spot in Term 2. I arrive first, and the other girls about an hour later.

Is anyone here acquainted with CDG enough to know if after I go through passport control & collect my checked baggage if I can get over to Term 2 & if there's a good spot to meet my friends there?

Thanks in advance!

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This link provides information on the Terminals at CDG,

You can take the airport shuttle (CDGVAL) from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 then meet your party outside of the baggage area in Terminal 2. There is a Meeting Point. I am assuming that Paris is your final destination?

Terminal 2E - Arrivals map shows you the Meeting Point location - Orange Box:

Here is a virtual link of the airport:

They may be landing in Terminal 2, there are separate gates for 2E (gates K, L & M) assuming they are coming from the states/Canada. They will pick up their luggage from the terminal 2E.

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Al Italia uses terminal 2 F and American uses Terminal 2 A. Are you planning on taking a taxi or mass transit? Of course you can get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. You would take the CDG VAL. I'd meet at the Sheraton. It's near the CDG VAL stop and the RER if you are planning to take the RER B and if you are not, you can head outside to catch a taxi. The person arriving on Al Italia will have have the shortest trip to the Sheraton but I like to meet there because it near the transit options and easy to find and the only Sheraton in the airport. It's usually better to pick a one of a kind meeting spot so you avoid confusion.

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I know what WoinParis means. I was supposed to meet a friend at a restaurant in New York City. I was waiting at the location on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and he was waiting at the one on the Upper West Side. Lesson learned and thank goodness for cellphones. Clear communication can avoid some of the problems but you eliminate that risk of confusion if you pick a business that has only one location. For a first time visit, the best meeting place IMO is the Sheraton.

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have a plan B to meet at the hotel if anyone is significantly delayed. We had a plane come in 5 hours late one time -- you don't want to have to deal with that hanging at the airport.

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If you take the RER B into Paris, you could meet where the ticket booth and ticket machines are, that's a small enough area to find each other.