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Where to go between Paris and Copenhagen?

I plan on leaving Paris on June 10th, and I have to be in Copenhagen on June 13th, but I can't decide where to go in-between. I've already been to Brussels and I will be in Amsterdam later in the month. I need somewhere fairly cheap, so either close by on a train, or accessible through a cheap flight.

Ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

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Hello adaugherty. Hmmmmmm. (the wheels in my brain are turning). Ride, in a train, from Paris to a place that is near an airport. When you leave that place, Fly : a direct flight (airline) to the airport of Copenhagen. Can June 13 be a travel day ? Or do you need to arrive at Copenhagen June 12 ? Did you, or will you, go to an other place in France ? other than Paris, before June 10.

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I just need to be in Copenhagen by the afternoon of the 13th, so I can travel that morning. I will be making a couple day trips outside of Paris, including Reims. Thanks for the ideas already everyone!

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I think Berlin would have convenient flights from/to both cities; check

By train, Cologne and Hamburg are change points along the most direct route, but the trains are not cheap and total travel time is 14 hours; see available rates through the DB train schedule link.

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I think you will want to fly into Copenhagen so anywhere you can catch a flight is fine. You have three nights - a travel day on the 10th and 13th - so you want a place that is reasonably seen in two days. Berlin should be planned for longer (but you can always visit multiple times).

Places that come to mind include Cologne, Bruges, Ghent, or even Hamburg.