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Where to get forms to transit through france

I have spent a lot of time on France consulate website in canada and understand that I have to complete the following forms before my departure. The forms I think are: 1) Sworn Stmt 2) eOS passenger form and maybe 3) EU digital passenger locator.

However, I cannot see any place in the website where I can download the forms. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I have not looked at the CDG site, but when I transited through Amsterdam, I went to the Schiphol Airport website, they explained the procedure, and had links to the government websites and the forms. Maybe check that out? The other source would be your airline, they likely will provide information on needed documents the week of your flight,

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Where are you transiting to?

Are you going on one plane ticket (a real "transit") vs separate tickets (Canada to Paris, Paris to your destination) as the 2nd scenario would have different rules since you would actually "enter" France.

When I flew to Paris in October the airline (Delta) supplied all the needed forms on their website but I did not transit...I was ending in Paris. I downloaded my forms needed for arriving in France and also printed out my forms needed for my flight back to the US before I left home.

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Are you changing planes at an airport, or going through France on some sort of ground transport?