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Where to get a phone card in Paris?

We are from Canada. Where to get a card in Paris that gives us minutes to call anywhere in France? Which will give more for my buck? Where to get it? Which train station? We need this in our cellphone to call a taxi in Mont Saint michel or loire valley or our hotels. Thanks.

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If what you need is voice, not necessarily lots of data, any of the Relay stores at the airports or train stations sell Lebara, Lycamobile, or some other provider´s SIMs for as little as 10€. Your phone must be unlocked to allow it to accept any SIM.

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Be careful with terminology.

If you want something to put in your cell phone to get a French phone number and a French cell phone plan, you want a SIM card - not a phone card.

If you ask for a "phone card," people will think you mean the credit-card size card you buy for a set price (often €5, €10, or €25). You then call a special number on the back of the card, along with entering the PIN on the card and this phone number you are trying to call. This gives you cheap calls (say, €0.02-0.05 per minute). These cards used to be common, but are becoming rarer; they are often targeted to immigrants, but can be used by anyone. You need some way to make local toll-free calls cheaply or for free, so they work from landlines, and usually (but not always) pay phones. They don't work well from non-local cell phones, since you have to pay to make an international call to access the "toll free" number in France.

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I went to an Orange boutique (shop) to get my SIM the last two trips. You used to be able to get them from SRF stores and I used them a couple times. Last time the SRF boutiques had stopped selling SIMs. I prefer to have a tech install the SIM and make sure it's working before I pay. Buying a SRF SIM from a Tabac doesn't work for me.

The Orange card can be used longer than 14 days. You have to visit a boutique, however, after the card expires to extend it. You can't do it online or with your phone. I think that could be improved.