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Where to eat at the Eiffel Tower?

We are going to Paris in July and I would like to eat at the Eiffel Tower. Dinner at Jules Verne is out of the question so we are considering Lunch or dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel or lunch at Jules Verne. Any advice on these options? Lunch at 58 Eiffel didn't look like it was anything special, but would like the thoughts of others. Also, if we wanted to go to the summit after, is it possible to buy that ticket after lunch/dinner or do we need to reserve in advance?

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Lunch at 58 is fine with a window. Otherwise, not special at all. Buy ticket for summit as soon as you get to level 2. If needed go up the stairs to 2 and come back for lunch.

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Les Ombres at Musee Quai Branly is nearby the Eiffel Tower and has good food, good value for the money and a great view of the Eiffel Tower.
You can walk up and buy tickets if you go early in the morning.

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I'm with Chexbres, Les Ombres does have delicious food and excellent service. The view of the Eiffel Tower is unlike any other. Remember, on the Eiffel Tower you can't see the tower. :) 58 Tour Eiffel is rather blah, if you ask me. But if it's your goal to eat ON the tower, go for it. I still have yet to make it to Jules Verne.

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We have had lunch on the tower, Jules Verne, and it was wonderful, an experience we will never forget. Even though it is expensive, for us it was worth every penny. I would encourage you to book lunch there, if you are so inclined, we loved it!

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We had dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel on May 15 at 9pm with window seat and we thought the experience was great with the sun setting,very good service,food and wine.

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Branley...Ombre seating may prove more difficult to organize..but this street is a 5 minute walk from the tower itself...

There are some great restaurants on Rue St. Dominique just behind the tower....I used to live just near the Hilton and this street has some nice the street for more choices...

This is a classic all day..great food, great chef, good prices.

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It has been several years so I hope it is still good. The lunch at J Verne was fixed price including wine and exceptionally good. It is worth it for a special time.

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We've eaten both lunch and dinner at 58. Lunch with our granddaughters and dinner for my wife and I on our first trip to Paris. Dinner was at sunset with a window table, so it was very nice.
In both cases I would say the food was acceptable and overpriced, but worth it. There was nothing wrong with the meal, but you shouldn't be expecting a fine dining experience. You're paying for eating on the Eiffel Tower, and in my opinion, it was worth it both times.

Once at that level, you can walk up and buy tickets to the top. In my experience, you wouldn't have any problem after lunch but I'm not sure about after dinner. As with eating on the Tower, it's a very touristy thing to do, but heck you're a tourist. I believe people know what's likely to move them and what's likely to leave them cold. It was moving to all of us.

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Thanks everyone. We have decided to do lunch at Jules Verne. I will try to remember to post what we thought of it. Hoping we can also get tickets to the summit when we are there. They are all sold out already to buy in advance