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Where to buy Paris Museum Pass

Leaving for Amsterdam on May 4. Arriving in Paris on May 15 via the Thalys train.
RS guidebook (2016) says I can pick up the pass at a tourist information office however the Paris Pass website seems to indicate I need to pre-order and then pick it up at their office. I'm a little confused right now.

Can anyone advise me about the easiest way to buy the museum pass while in Paris. And if Rs guidebook is correct what is the closest TI to the Louvre. I am staying very close to it in the 2nd Arrondissement.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Easiest way to buy the museum pass while in Paris is to visit one of the less popular museums and buy the pass there. This will save you waiting in lines trying to buy it at big-ticket museums like the Louvre or d'Orsay. I purchased mine at the Conciergerie when there was no line. There is no need to pre-order it on a website - this may be true for the Paris Pass but not for the Museum Pass (they are two different animals).

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Thanks to you all for the speedy replies!

I may indeed have mixed up the Paris Pass and the Museum Pass when I googled it😳
Buying it from a less busy museum seems the simplist way.
Now the decision is 2 days or 4 days duration... Lol

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Perhaps this will help you decide whether to get a 2 or 4 day pass: It is not activated when you buy it, you write the date you first use it in the appropriate spot and it is valid for 2 (or 4) calendar days. Also, do some research to figure out what sights you want to visit. Some are closed on Mondays and some on Tuesdays, so you want to coordinate the closing days in order to maximize the value of the pass. The website for the pass has a list of all the sights it is valid for.

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I bought my Paris Museum Pass at the Rodin Museum back in February.

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A few years ago we bought our passes in Gare du Nord after arriving from Amsterdam. Our preferred spot is now the small but fascinating Cluny museum because it is close to our hotel and because we have always just walked right in with no wait. The Cluny houses the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries among other medieval treasures. I may be getting in a rut, but it will be our first stop again when we arrive in Paris next month. Worth a visit no matter where you buy the pass. Have a wonderful trip.

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Now the decision is 2 days or 4 days duration... Lol

How many days will you be in Paris?

If you think about it, there's only a €14 difference between the 2 day vs the 4 day Paris Museum Pass, so if you'll be in Paris more than 2 days, I'd suggest getting the 4 day pass and that way you won't feel rushed trying to get to all the places covered by the pass ;-)

We also purchased our Paris Museum Pass at the Cluny Museum... Great place with no line!

Enjoy your time in Paris!