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Where should we stay in the Alsace area? Village and B & B?

We will be driving up from the Beaune area and spending 3 nights in the Alsace area then dropping the car off in Strasbourg and catching a train to Paris and home. There are so many darling villages to visit, what village would be a good place to stay as we visit and explore the area.

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We stayed in Colmar for 3 nights after a few days in Strasbourg. We spent our time driving Les Routes des Vins from Kaysersberg to Ribeauville - enjoying wine tasting, touring castles and cemeteries, shopping and soaking in the beauty of the area. While each village is unique and darling, after a while they become a blur in their cuteness! I would probably pick Ribeauville as it is larger than the others or Kayserberg. There is also a biking/hiking trail that is just a bit off the route. Sorry, can't recommend a B&B. Check out the old town area in Strasbourg along the canal; some very unique bridges and the cathedral is also interesting.

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We stayed in Eguisheim and loved it. We used a B&B out of the RS book:

We were in the blue room and it was very nice. This town and room worked for us because we wanted to stay in a smaller town, we wanted to hike (there was a great hike right from the B&B up to the 3 castles) and take a tour of the wine route (easily done by car, which we had. We originally planned to bike it using a full day, but the weather was rainy off and on) It is hard to rate all the villages, since this is the only one we stayed in. Kayserberg looked nice...Riquewhir was too packed with tourists for me. We passed through a lot of lesser known villages between Eguisheim and Riquewhir that looked nice too. One thing I did before choosing was use google maps and did a street view walk through of a couple of the villages. When I saw the town square in Eguisheim, I knew we would love it. This was a 4 week trip where I wanted to mix cities and smaller villages and that is why I chose not to stay in Colmar or Strasbourg. I think the small villages are so beautiful in this area. The B&B was very reasonable (46 euros)/

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We stayed in the village of Kientzheim, tiny, and we loved it (also was much less touristy than the big ones). We stayed at a beautiful hotel, Hostellerie Schwendel, which has a few connected buildings in the center and different price points as there are newer and older rooms. Plus a fantastic restaurant and charming cafe area on the main square.

If you do a search for Kientzheim here on the site, you should be able to see a posting or two that I wrote with more detail. It's so beautiful there in those villages!!

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We stayed in Itterswiller on our last trip, this year we are staying in Eguisheim. I suppose it just depends on what you are looking for. There are many small villages and then of course Colmar and Strasbourg which are much larger. We like the tiny villages and Eguisheim was our favorite, still touristy, but also very small. It is a beautiful area and you'll enjoy it very much.