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where should i stay in paris?

hey guys i will in paris for my first time for a weekend in mid sept. with my gf would love so good places to stay, my range would be 100-170 a night i would be arriving on sat morning and leaving on a monday afternoon. i would like to be somewhere near the main attraction which would be the eiffel tower but doesn't have to be. Would love your insights. i looked at hotel eiffel turenne but it was 482 for the 2 nights which is a little expensive thou nice. hope you guys can help me out.

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You can try hotel Eber Mars. It is a quick walk to the Eiffel Tower. Stayed there with my grand daughter. I hope you're speaking in EU and not $$ because $100-170 a night would be next to impossible.

We really liked this hotel, it is near the Invalides, Rue Cler, lots of cafes, and the beautiful Park (whose name is escaping me now) that surrounds the Tower. It's not close to Notre Dame, Louvre, etc, but those are day-time things, and we took a bus. Wanted to end our day watching the Eiffel Tower light up @ 10PM. Have fun!

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A previous poster recommended Hotel Eugenie. You can look these up on

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For hotels in the 7th arr. with doubles $170/night or less, research these: Hotel de l'Alma, Hotel Kensington (be sure to ask for a double with the large "American" style bath), Hotel Champ des Mars, Grand Hotel Leveque, Hotel Malar, Hotel Motte Picquet, etc. I prefer staying in the 7th or the 15th just to be near the Champ des Mars and the Eiffel Tower (especially at night when you want to take a nice walk before bed). If you have points, both Best Western and Holiday Inn have hotels in this area. Just be advised that September is a busy month in Paris and rates tend to run higher than at other times of the year.

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$140-$170 a night for a double is not next to impossible in Paris. Not impossible even in the 5th (Latin Quarter) which is more central than the 7th. We stayed at Hotel de l'Avre, in the 15th on the border of the 7th, for 6 weeks and loved it. Their rates are $138 (or 100 euros) for a double. They're about 3 long blocks to Ecole Militaire/end of the Champs de Mars which is the park facing the Eiffel Tower. They have a wonderful garden, and the owner (Bernard) and his staff are also wonderful.
Hotel de l'Avre is a half block from a great Metro station (La Motte Picquet-Grenelle) where 3 major lines intersect so it's easy to get most places without having to change trains. There's also the best Monoprix I've ever been to, with a grocery store (great for buying things and gifts to bring home). And a twice a week outdoor market that's fun.
That said, I still much prefer to stay in the 4th (Marais), 5th, or 6th (St. Germain) arrondissement. It's the heart and most central area of Paris, closest to more sites you'll want to see.
For me, the Eiffel Tower is not "the main attraction" of Paris... my main attractions are the two islands, Notre Dame, the river and the Luxembourg Gardens.

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youre going to have to do some leg work here.

go to, link below and plug and chug some info. Its not that difficult and you can see what prices you have. Note that not all places to stay are on there, but you will have a much better idea on cost. YOU can also look at the hotels in their map.

also, note that you dont say if your budget is in USD or Euros. It WILL make a difference too.

enter link description here

Then if you dont like what you see, up your budget or ask again. WHEN you are going is important too.

happy trails.

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September is a very crowded month and hotels are at their scarcest and most expensive, nail down a hotel room asap. The Eiffel Tower is generally out of the way of most of the popular attractions in Paris and it is a dead area. I would be looking in the 4th, 5 thor 6th and if you can't find anything in your budget there, try the 11th. 100-170 what? If Euros, you should have no trouble. If dollars, that is a low budget although not impossible -- but September makes it a challenge if you wait.

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If you'd like to be more central check out these hotels, in addition to Hotel Eugenie... Hotel Diana, Hotel Saint Pierre, Hotel College du France, Hotel Marignan (this hotel has a community kitchen and a washer/dryer) and Hotel Jeanne d'Arc (this one is in the Marais/4th).

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Yes....I agree with several others. The Eiffel Tower, contrary to popular belief, is not the center of Paris. Ile de la Cite would be smack-dab in the maybe the Latin quarter would be best? The Opera district or Montparnasse is a bit more nicely centered. While the Eiffel Tower area is quaint, unless you're a die-hard Quai Branley fan, I'd look elsewhere.

If you want to save a little money and charm, there's the Ibis chain. The Ibis Styles hotels include breakfast and are usually pretty nice. Ibis is pretty basic. It's no frills, but they're almost always clean and you can secure excellent deals in advance.

BUT if you're looking for quaint, there's the Hotel Familia in the Quartier Latin has air conditioning, is quaint as hell, and has a nice breakfast.

Good luck!

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Hi, you're going to be in Paris a short amount of time. I'd recommend picking up the Pocket Paris Rick Steves book to give you an idea of options. If you're planning to go up the Eiffel Tower, make sure you get reservations on-line ahead of time to avoid standing in line for a hour or more.

The Metro is the easiest way to get around the entire city and very popular all day. Purchase a carnet of tickets (10) for ~14 Euro. To optimize your time, you might want to take one of the evening river rides. If you select the one that starts near the Eiffel Tower, choose a start time at 9:00, so you'll end near the time that the Eiffel Tower sparkles (on the hour at night for 5 minutes).
I've stayed in hotels near the Luxembourg Garden, the Eiffel Tower, and Tuileries Garden. Try to stay in a single digit arrondissement, so you're closer to all of the sites and don't need a long metro ride.

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rudy.. make a choice sooner rather then later.. as others have advised September is probably one of the worst months for hotel vacanncies.. its trade show and fashion show season.. and business travel is way up creating alot of demand for hotel rooms.

Also you are being well steered to consider other areas.. the ET is not the most central site.. no one place is but closer to Notre Dame is more central then the ET.,

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wow thank you guys for the info it really does help i will start to look really hard into it now. i know i picked a bad month its just the way it worked out for me and my gf. thanks again guys !!!