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Where is the best place for French lessons online?

Where is the best place for French lessons online?

Preferable something with regular group as well as private lessons.


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We use for all of the basic phrases you might need. We also use, click on foreign languages for tourists, with 105 languages. Click on the French flag and get started. No groups or private lessons but all you might need.

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My husband has been using the duolingo app on his ipad for a few weeks now. It has kept him engaged and he seems to enjoy it. I also got the Pimsleur CDs from the library for him to listen to while driving.

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Duolingo was a fantastic resource for me to brush up existing French. I tried it for Italian this year and without previous classroom study I found it pretty useless.

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We've had best results using the Pimsleur lessons, which can be checked out from your local library on CD or downloaded onto your Ipod, Ipad, smartphone, etc. directly from "Oneclickdigital" - a free online resource which is also accessible thru your library website.

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I would also recommend Pimsleur. I've been using them for Italian, and they've worked well. I'm not fluent by any means, but can get by quite well.

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On YouTube we also use Travel Linguist which has several short lessons which are helpful.

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It's a bit dated, but the PBS "French In Action" video series is very helpful. All of the videos are online here for free:

And you can find written materials and quizzes here:

I had 2 years of French in high school (over 30 years ago). I can read some French and understand some things, but speaking is the hardest part! I have forgotten most of it, even though I've been to a few French-speaking countries over the years (I got by with just the basics). This time I want to do better! I'm also using the Pimsleur audio course and I find it very helpful. As you can imagine, in high school they weren't sticklers for making you pronounce the words totally correctly. Between Pimsleur, French In Action, and a 500 French Verbs book, I'm sure I'll be able to get by pretty well in a few months.

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If you do some Google you'll find people who have actually tried each of the more well-known methods and broken them down and rated them. Just beware that some of these "articles" are really longform adverts. I would also caution that there are now studies showing that different people learn things in different ways (some need to hear, some to see, some to write) so someone's great method just may not work for you.

I thought Duolingo was worth what I paid for it (free). Really, the shark and the boys are eating an apple? I only used that phrase 3 or 4 times in Beaune.

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I second FRENCH IN ACTION. Dated, yes, but it's so very well done and it's so beautifully French. I use it with my high school students. They say they hate it but their excitement as the story progresses tells me differently.

But one can never learn French just by observing online. One has to immerse themself into the language. There's lots of ways to waste your money, but few give any results. I would suggest going to your local college and ask if you can audit a course. Normally they let people audit for free (you cannot take assessments , but you're free to listen and participate)