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Where do you isolate in paris

If I test positive for covid before my return flight to the US, what do I do? Where can I go to isolate?

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If you test positive on an antigen test, you re-test on a PCR to confirm. Then if that's positive, you find a hotel/airbnb to stay.

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yeah, that's what I was thinking. That's why I asked to see if anyone had this happen to them and what their experience was.

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or a trip to a market prior to quarantine.

so you would know that your are contagious and you would consider giving what you have to all the people at a market?

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You can try 1K Hotel in Le Marais if you actually need a place to quarantine. You can also look for a place through VRBO. Earlier this year I read an article in Conde Nast Traveler on the ethics of telling a hotel or rental place that one is quarantining and in that article VRBO said that their listings are ideal for quarantining.

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If you are asked to quarantine that does not mean you are sick. You could have had a contact with a sick person. Or you could have had the virus previously. Or you could have it- but be asymptomatic and not shedding much virus. .... so its not necessarily the case that you are going to infect anyone.

You might tell them that you don;'t need a maid coming in, and just bring new towels and toilet paper.

You could also ask if someone could pick some food up for you and give them 5-10 eu tip.

you could also stop at store on your way, and buy a hotpot or something and make yourself broth or cook beans.

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I would think that if you test positive that you continue to test until negative. I do not know of any specific quarantine restrictions should you test positive, just that you cannot board flights back to the US until negative. My first stop would be a pharmacy to load up on a few tests, book a hotel that is within budget and plan on room service or limited outside contact.

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What Marc wrote is the best a person can do.
Unless you happen to be sitting in your home when you get the test results, you will have to "expose" others as you make your way home. The most we can hope for is that during that travel time, you do what you can to minimize your contact with others by wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. Recently, a friend of mine called me from the supermarket where he had stopped on his way home after learning he had to quarantine. My first response was "why are you out and about." His response was essentially that since he cannot teleport and cannot wish food to his home, he had to stop on the way home to stock up on supplies for the quarantine period.

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Gwen, your question is challenging. Nowhere can I find a list of Paris hotels that knowingly accept Covid positive or Covid exposed persons who need to isolate. Apparently the ones set up with Accor in 2020 were barely utilized (but of course there were few foreign tourists coming then.)

I tried calling the travel insurer I use, to see if part of their service is to help find lodging to isolate. No, they will reimburse the costs as mentioned in the policy (up to a point) and will fly me home if it comes to that. But no guidance on lodging.

I would think that an apartment-hotel like Citadines might work. I have stayed in several over the years. They offer housekeeping only when you request. And they are set up for cooking in the rooms, which most hotels prohibit. They are also accustomed to grocery and takeout deliveries, which could be left outside the room.

Citadines also offers 24h reception in case one needs to have a doctor called.

Before checking out, I would personally disinfect the unit and bag the linens/towels.