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where do we present tickets for Mont St Michel?

Can anyone help me figure out where we present the pre-purchased tickets for Mont St Michel? Trying to figure out whether to choose the 11a-1pm versus the 1-3pm entry window, knowing that we'll arrive on the Keolis bus (near the info center) around 10 am and want time to explore the walkways, low tide sand flats (low tide at 12:30pm the day we're going), and ramparts as we walk up to the abbey, but to still have plenty of time to explore the abbey itself and whatever we get access to only after presenting ticket. Is the ticketed section only at the top of the walkways/castle? Or do we give our ticket to get on to the island at all, including before we can walk along ramparts, through shops, etc? Traveling as a family of two 40something parents and two teens, all comfortable with lots of walking. Thanks so much!

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I would choose the 1-3 pm entry. the tickets are presented at the Abbey entrance at the top of the hill and gives you access to the abbey only.
the town itself is free to enter and is open 24 hours a day. The sand flats are outside the walls of the mont, so they are free to visit also.
If you drive, you pay for parking that is located away from the mont and take the free shuttle bus, AT the drop off point, you are outside the walls, so you could walk the sand flats before you enter the wall. Once inside the walls, You can visit the shops, walk the ramparts for free as you make your way to the top to the Abbey entrance.

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It's been almost seven years since my last visit, but we only had to pay to enter and tour the abbey, not the mont itself. If I remember correctly, you can just walk up the street to the village on the mont. Your tickets are probably for the abbey, and there is an entry door/booth there.

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thank you so much to both of you! exactly the information i was looking for! will book the 1-3pm window.....

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"explore the walkways, low tide sand flats"

You don't want to be exploring the mud flats on your own (they're not sand). The possibility of being stranded, or walking into "quicksand" is very high, which is why it takes so long to become an accredited guide.

Then you'll need a new pair of shoes to replace the ones you've just ruined.