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where do we clear customs and emigration with this travel itinerary?

Thanks in advance for any help. We travel to Paris from the US via Frankfurt arrive September 25th. We start on United and change to Lufthansa for the final leg. Do we go thru the C & E process in Germany or in Paris CDG. Under average circumstances how long is this process? We will have only carry-on items no checked bags.
Thanks again, Mark

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Barring any unusual circumstances, you will process through immigration in Frankfurt. Not sure if you wind up them going through security in transit, some airports you do, but then you proceed to your connecting flight. No telling how much time it takes, the lines most places tend to move along, but maybe an hour or less to get to your next flight.

Customs will be in Paris, but you may not even know you go through customs. After baggage claim, on your way out of the secure zone, you will see a Green "No Declarations" sign above the exit, that was customs. If you do have something to declare (rare, but possible) the you would seek out the customs desk or go down the Red Declarations corridor.

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Our clearance was through Frankfurt and very fast. Customs at CDG is even faster, as described above. If you're on one itinerary for both flights, the connection time should be adequate, and if the first flight is delayed they'll get you on to Paris as soon as they can. You might allow some time for contingencies, say a couple of hours, before anything you schedule for Paris.

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Thanks, We arrive at CDG at 8:25 and arranged to meet our host at our appartment in the Latin Quarter at 11. Short walk from RER Luxembourg Station. So if all goes to plan we should be there close to that time.