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When To go to montparnasse tower?

We want to see montparnasse tower in Paris. When is the best time to go? Thank you so much.

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Do you want to go to examine Montparnasse or do you want to see the Eyefull Tower? If the Eyefull Tower do you want to see it in the daytime so you can see it clearly or do you want to see it at night all lit up on the hour?

Those answers may help you choose your time.

Best is in the eye of the beholder.

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We went to the viewing floor in the Montparnasse Tower just before sunset and stayed until dark. Great views of all of Paris, Eiffel Tower, les Invalides, etc. Lovely after dark.

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The Montparnasse tower is a favourite target for sneers. In truth, it's just another bland tower. And more high rises are nipping at the edges of the revered city centre. That won't stop me from repeating a juicy insult: The best thing about being atop the tower is that then you can't see it.

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We went to the viewing after our RS tour was over on a whim. It was fun. Enjoyed the views. When about 3pm and was fine. Take your RS guide book and think you get 30%off on admin.

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Also, if it's a rainy or misty day; they will call up to the top floor to find out what the visibility is from up there before you buy your ticket!
No point in going up if you can't see a thing!
The Observation deck goes all the way round.
Bring your binoculars if you have them with you.

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The building is hideous but the views from the top are fabulous! It's the only place in Paris where you can see the city without seeing the Montparnasse Tower...that's the best part. The viewing area is the entire flat top of the building with plexiglass all around it. They have even put a little champagne bar up there now in good weather with some seating. There is also a lower level with a gift shop and small cafe.