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When to book timed entry to Louvre

It's recommended to book ahead for a timed entry at the Louvre; paying the 17EU per person. But it's also recommended to buy a Museum Pass sold in various places. But I'm unclear: if I do both of these, aren't I paying twice for the museum? Or does the price I'll pay online in advance applied toward the pass. Sorry if this a newbie question! I was in Paris years ago and recall the wisdom in buying the Museum pass, but there was no such thing as online sales or even timed entry to the Louvre!! yup--that long ago! Thanks for any advice and clarity!

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When you book the timed entry online, you can indicate that you will have a museum pass and there is no charge. When you are at the museum, you will need to scan both your entry reservation and your museum pass. The system works quite well, just remember you’ll need both to get in.

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and the Louvre's website specifically gives you the option to book with the PMP (2nd category under Invidividual Tickets for the museum), they want you to enter your PMP ##, which you don't have, so just use any combination of whatever ## to get to what they want (I think 10 digits). None of the museums that require advanced tickets for PMP holders cross check what you put into their site.

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Note that there are limited slots for those with Museum Pass at the Louvre. People can buy tickets when the site will show sold out for 'free tickets' for Museum Pass Holders. The Museum Pass currently holds no advantages unless you actually are going to so many museums in a short period that you save significant money and it has some disadvantages.

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Yes!! To Janet's post! BEFORE you buy or make a reservation, go in to the Louvre ticketing site and see if your travel dates are up for sale yet. Check to see if there is availability for the free Museum Pass entries on the date you want to go.

You do not need to have the Museum Pass in hand to book the free Museum Pass entry to the Louvre. You can buy the Museum Pass, if you decide you need it, at one of the museums after you get to Paris.