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When is the best time of the day to go Eifell Tower?

We will be in France in August. When is the best time of the day to go Eifell Tower? Day, afternoon, night, etc. What time range do you recommend?

Thank you so much.

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As some have written in response to your other post, you need to book your time at the Eiffel Tower as soon as possible. You say you can go after 5:00 p.m. Book your time if one is available on the website that fits your schedule.

Since you are NEAR the airport but not AT the airport, you will have to do some serious calculating about transportation modes and prices. Normally, people travel within Paris to get to the Eiffel Tower, rather than from the airport area. The RER B line departs CDG frequently, but you will need to decide where to switch to the RER C and you will have to calculate where and how to switch to a Metro, if you are using a Metro, or decide whether to hire a taxi or not. A taxi might be your best bet.

Your questions indicate that you really aren't at all familiar with the transportation issues in Paris or how to book appointments at the various sites. Suggest you get a really good guidebook, such as Rick Steves France 2019 guidebook, which will really give you much of the real nitty gritty that you seem to seek.

Just out of curiosity, why aren't you staying in Paris proper rather than out near CDG? It would be so much more convenient.

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Just out of curiosity, why aren't you staying in Paris proper rather
than out near CDG? It would be so much more convenient.

I am wondering the same thing 'cause CDG is not a convenient location at all for sightseeing central Paris. How many days are you planning on staying?

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Thank you so much for answering my questions. Based on our schedule, we realize we will be in Paris for 7 days!! When is the best time of the day to go see the Eiffel Tower? I am assuming we should see the very top level of the tower? Ignore my question. Thank you so much.

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Have been to Paris 3 times and have never gone up it. There are other places with a good city view that don’t cost anything. Other than being able to say you went to the top, I don’t see much value in it. On my last trip there in 2015, our hotel was nearby, it seemed moderately busy every time we went by, day or night. My guess is it will busy all the time in August, since that is prime tourist season. Hopefully when you go, the line won’t be terrible. Have a nice trip.

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I think any time you can get is a good time to do the tower. The view is nice, I appreciated the structure and engineering more though. As for viewing, certainly some pictures during the day, but seeing the tower at night is special. Even nicer, is if you can be up after dark (not bad in August, a chore in June) bring a picnic and a bottle of wine and join the crowd on the Champ de Mars for a late evening treat.

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People don’t go to the top of the Eiffel Tower just for the view, they go to the top because it’s a famous icon. It’s like walking across the Golden Gate Bridge or going to the top of the Empire State Bldg. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower is definitely a very worthwhile, fun experience. You should get a timed entry ticket today at any time that’s still available.
If you have 7 days in Paris i highly recommend staying in Paris, not at the airport.
Getting Rick Steves Paris guidebook would be extremely helpful for you. It is money well spent.
When in Paris or France, always say Bonjour before speaking to anyone. Also learn to say please and thank you in French. Politeness will go a long way in how well people respond to you. The French are extremely polite and expect at least a bare minimum of politeness when you speak to them.

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Honestly, the weather has as much to do with the "best time" as the time of day. But you can't plan for that. When I last went two years ago, I walked up on a rainy late morning and bought tickets day of (this was mid-September). But I saw online that the rain/clouds would pass soon. So I walked up to the 2nd level just as the Sun came out. No lines, no crowds, then I went to the top. I agree with others that it is not just the view but the experience—including seeing the structure up close on your way up the stairs or elevator. I'm sure there are other nice views of the city, and I hope to check some of them out some day. But actually visiting the tower is half the attraction.

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I love walking up the stairs to the 2nd level. A very cool experience. But just fyi, you can’t buy tickets to the top when you’re on the 2nd level anymore.

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If you go just before sunset, you can see the view in the daylight, and then see the transition as the sun goes down and the other monuments are lit.

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We were there just as the sun set and it got dark....and then were in the tower when the sparkling lights came special!