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Wheelchairs on Trains

Our adult daughter will be coming with us to France. She will be using a transport wheelchair due to her limited walking ability for long distances.

I'm trying to book TGV train tickets. If I choose "disabled" and "wheelchair" it puts us in first class, but there are not seats together for all of us. If I book without choosing "disabled" then if offers us second class and we can get seats together. We are not concerned about getting a discount or first class tickets.

Is it required that I acknowledge that we are bringing a wheelchair?

I have already purchased non-refundable OUIGO tickets for our route, but I wanted to buy refundable TGV tickets as a backup in case of a strike. When I purchased those I wasn't sure what to do about the wheelchair so I bought "extra luggage". I have no idea if this will be a problem. Do you know?

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