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What would you do with 4 hours to spend in Paris (9:40 minute layover)?


I'm arriving in CDG at 8:30 AM with a 9 hour and 40 minute layover. Four hours is my conservative estimate of the time I'll have in the city. I was just in Paris in April, so I've seen the main I just really need to decide how I want to spend those four hours. I definitely want to stop at a bakery and have a croissant and a baguette...then make a lunch reservation depending on where I decide to go. I really loved a restaurant in Montmartre, so it might be nice to go there and see the Sacre Couer again, but that neighborhood is a bit off the beaten path. Or I could stroll around the Latin Quarter and pay homage to Notre Dame (or would this be depressing)?

How would you spend those four hours?

Also, does anyone have any thoughts on these more practical notes:

**Is the airport more likely to lose my luggage with such a long layover? It's all on one ticket, but still... If so, should I take a carry-on only and lug it around the city with me?

**I guess it makes sense to get the Paris Visite Oass Zones 1-5, since the trip from and to the airport should pay for it, correct?

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Regarding the luggage: it depends on the airline / itinerary. I've had a similarly long layover in Atlanta flying Delta and the luggage was not checked through. It was necessary to pick it up and then recheck closer to departure. If this were to be the case in Paris, you could store it at Bagages du Monde, which is close to the CDG train station. Same goes for a carry-on; unless you are a very strict one-bagger, that'd probably be a pain.

I was going to say the Navigo Découverte is a better deal, but realized since you only need one day, you are probably right on the pass. At the same time, you may want to ask yourself if you would be open to using a taxi or Uber if needed, for example if there were delays or problems with the RER on your way back.

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Sacre Coeur is a hop, skip and jump behind the Gare du Nord. Easy walking. So if this is where you want to spend your four hours, go for it.

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Just agreeing with Bets. You've been to Paris recently, and you know what you want to do with your limited time (bakery followed by lunch in Montmartre) - so do it, rather than worrying if you're doing what you "should" do on a short visit. I would do something completely different from what you propose - but it's your trip, not mine. Go for it, and have a great time!

As long as you are taking the RER both ways from the airport (€10.30 each way), a one day Paris Visite for zones 1-5 (€25.25) is a good deal.