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What do you do in confinement for covid overseas?

If you test positive while overseas, what do you do about food, etc.,during those five or ten days in confinement?
If you have been staying in a bed and breakfast, will you probably have to move to a hotel? If you are in quarantine, how do you get to the hotel? I will be leaving for France in two weeks and am concerned that I may catch the dreaded covid virus, even though I have gotten all four of the required shots and am continuing to follow all the covid safety protocols.

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A very valid concern. Have you looked through the posts on the Covid board in the Tips & Trip Reports section?

We travelled to Costa Rica last summer and I made the following arrangements:

1) Trip insurance that covered expenses in the event of a trip delay due to Covid. You will have hotel costs, food costs, etc. And that can add up quick.

2) Our last lodging was someplace I wouldn’t mind quarantining. In our case, it was an apartment with a laundry, full kitchen, and balcony (for fresh air). If we tested positive and had to stay another 10 days, it wouldn’t have been so bad. If your last lodging is a B&B, ask them what would happen if you test positive. They’ve probably been asked by others, and have a plan.

3) Grocery and restaurant delivery is very common. If you had to quarantine, you could have things delivered.

I’m also vaxxed and boosted and still got a nasty case of Covid in January, after all that. I was really SICK for a week straight, and it took 3 months to fully recover. A lot of people talk quarantining and getting home asap. But don’t think about what it could be like to be truly ill, where you can barely get out of bed for several days, while away from home. There would have been no way physically for me to get on a plane even after the 5 day quarantine period. So be prepared to not only test positive, but to potentially have severe symptoms that significantly impact your activity at any point in your trip. Travel at this time definitely includes that very real risk.

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All depends in where you are staying. We tested positive on day before and thus unable to make flight. Our hotel has to, by local law, keep us for a 5-day isolation period; breakfast included. Other meals we have handled by delivery apps. Needless to say, all expenses are on us with some reimbursement expected from insurance.
Have a “what if” plan because it can happen!

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Who enforces quarantine? Who even knows you tested positive? So you could self isolate without telling anyone and have the freedom to leave your room for food, etc.

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@treemoss2 --
1. If you do a video monitored test, the local government will not know your test results. If you go to a local pharmacy or lab, the results are reported to the national health services, which give you instructions on how to proceed. A
2. Could someone self-isolate in this case and self-monitor? Yes, because the system is based on honesty and concern for the community. Nobody checks except for the initial call from the health office going over the requirements. Before March 14th, the Pass sanitaire or Pass vacinnal would go dead, so people couldn't go to a restaurant, museum, or a lot of other places. Even then, we didn't have to scan to go for food, but I don't think many people cheated that way. Food stores, both small ones and the large box stores are crowded places.
3. I don't remember if I was told that I could go out for walks and fresh air. Anyway, we didn't.

Right now, I'm surrounded by a lot of positive cases among family and friends here in France, but everyone I know follows the rules and waits it out. The big difference is that they are in their homes, not hotel room.

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Thanks to you all for your tips. I plan to follow covid protocols and have a glorious time in my favorite country.

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Thanks, Aimee, for your suggestions on what to do if in confinement. I do have several books, print and audio, downloaded on my devices; and both of the air b and bs where I will be staying have televisions. Meanwhile, I am being cautiously optimistic!