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What dates in the month of October?

So, our plan is -- if all goes well - to travel to Paris in October of 2023.

In doing my research, I did read that in the beginning of October there is Fashion Week and school holidays for the French children.

Originally, I thought about October 14th - October 24th - but then I discovered that - The Salon du Chocolat takes places at the end of October -- has anyone attended this event? My youngest daughter works in the culinary business in NYC - she is a baker - and loves chocolate. I am sure she find this event fascinating - if not crowded!

Just looking for feedback on the timing of a visit to Paris in October - from our the group of knowledgeable travelers!

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The fall school holiday is late October or November, but there are 3 staggered time periods. These holidays will have no effect on you as a tourist in Paris. September and early October is full of trade shows and conventions of all types. Hotels will be full and prices at their peaks. Book as early as you can.

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Yikes! I will look to book the apartment and our flights - ten months in advance - hope this works!

Paris appears to always be busy!